2013 Allen and Ginter - Stuff to Trade

My MINIS to trade list is HERE.

These are the full-sized cards (including inserts) I have to trade. This is NOT a Needs List. These are all cards that I would like to trade away. If you can use any of these, please send me a message. All of 2013 Allen and Ginter NEEDS list pages are updated daily. I also have other want list pages in the side bar. I also collect the Tampa Bay Rays, so message me with your needs and we will work something out. Thanks for looking! Oh, this is a LONG list so be prepared to SCROLL!


AGFR-AD Adam Dunn - FULL Sized Jersey White Relic - Chicago White Sox

AGFR-PF Prince Fielder -Framed Mini Grey Jersey Relic - Detroit Tigers

AGFR-JM Justin Morneau - Framed Mini Bat Relic - Minnesota Twins

AGFR-MC Matt Cain - Framed Mini White Jersey Relic - SF Giants

2 Derek Jeter
3 Babe Ruth x2
5 Albert Pujols
6 Chanel Iman
8 Gary Carter
9 Giancarlo Stanton x2
12 Dan Haren
17 Roy Jones Jr x2
18 Matt Harrison
23 Adrian Beltre x2
29 Jordan Zimmerman
32 Aaron Hill x2
33 Nana Meriwether
34 Robin Roberts x2
41 Hisashi Iwakuma
46 Colby Rasmus
48 Starling Marte
51 Jason Kipnis
54 BJ Upton
58 Shin Soo Choo x2
68 Chrissy Teigen
70 CC Sabathia
74 Yu Darvish
78 Carlos Santana
80 Willie McCovey
82 Roberto Clemente x2
84 Jason Vargas
85 Phil Heath
91 Carlos Ruiz
94 Billy Butler x2
97 Tony Gwynn
99 Barry Zito x2
100 Bill Walton
107 Trevor Bauer
112 Ziggy Marley
114 Yasmani Grandal
115 Stan Musial
116 Lindsey Vonn
119 Adam Richman
129 Miguel Montero x2
132 Ryne Sandberg x2
135 Vance Worley x2
144 Torii Hunter x2
146 Vida Blue
149 Ed O’Neill
150 Reggie Jackson
154 Michael Morse
155 Austin Jackson
156 Jurickson Profar
159 Hanley Ramirez
161 Enos Slaughter
162 Ivan Nova
175 Monty Hall
176 Abe Vigoda
177 Joe Morgan
180 Nik Wallenda
181 Wade Boggs
182 Cody Ross
183 Ryan Ludwick
184 Mike Joy x2
188 Bill Buckner x3
189 David Freese
194 Juan Marichal
195 Derek Norris
199 AJ Burnett
202 Angel Pagan
203 Adam Eaton x2
205 Justin Verlander
207 Troy Tulowitzki x2
210 Madison Bumgarner
212 Barry Melrose x2
214 Alexi Ramirez x2
217 Pope Francis I
219 Freddie Roach
221 Salvador Perez
228 Cecil Fielder
239 Craig Kimbrell x2
240 Mike Leake x3
243 Jason Dufner
245 Mark Buehrle
253 Mark Trumbo x3
254 Lou Brock x2
255 Bobby Bowden
256 Rickie Weeks x2
258 Billy Williams
265  AJ Ellis x2
267 Grand Central Terminal
269 Tom Seaver x2
270 James Shields
272 Josh Reddick
276 Lance Lynn
280 Kendrys Morales x2
282 Tim Lincecum
285 Jose Fernandez
287 Bill Mazeroski x3
288 Chris Davis
291 Edwin Encarnacion
292 Yovani Gallardo
294 Johnny Cueto
296 Ekolu Kalama
298 Evan Longoria
299 Ryan Zimmerman


300 Bud Selig
303 Wade Miley x2
305 Wei-Yin Chen
307 Darwin Barney
308 Alex Rios
309 Mat Latos x2
310 Brandon Phillips x2
314 Avisail Garcia
315 Omar Infante
318 Eric Hosmer x2
321 Wily Peralta
322 Robin Yount
326 Ruben Tejada x3
327 Yogi Berra x2
328 A-Roid
329 Kevin Youkilis
331 Tommy Milone
332 Cole Hammels x3
334 Russell Martin x4
339 Kyle Seager
340 Yadier Molina x4
341 Ozzie Smith x2
343 David Price
344 Nolan Ryan
345 Melky Cabrera x2
346 Josh Johnson
348 Henry Rollins x2
349 Jason Dufner
350 Bill Walton


ACROSS The YEARS (I just came across a bunch of these - will put together a list soon, feel free to send me a needs list on these)
ATY-AR Anthony Rizzo
ATY-CB Carlos Beltran
ATY-CCS CC Sabathia
ATY-CG Carlos Gonzalez
ATY-CL Cliff Lee
ATY-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr
ATY-DW David Wright
ATY-EL Evan Longoria
ATY-JMR Joe Mauer
ATY-JW Jered Weaver
ATY-MS Mike Schmidt
ATY-WMY Willie Mays

Martial Mastery
MM-GD Gladiators
MM-RM Romans
MM-ZU Zulu x4

OLC-ERT Earth x2
OLC-STN Saturn

PS-BP Buckingham Palace
PS-TP Topkapi Palace

CAP-ASY Assyrians
CAP-BYZ Byzantine x2
CAP-PH Phoenicians

CC-NOW The Illuminati/New World Order

You can find my numerous wantlists on the side bar. Please message me to claim any cards from this list. Lets trade!!!!

UPDATED 09-21-2013

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