Sunday, October 31, 2010

Three Collections In One Awesome Card

I had been emailing back and worth with Jeremy from No One's Gonna Read This Blog! regarding some 2008 Allen and Ginter cards he had come into. I really wanted to finish that one off and sure enough I recieved a package from Oklahoma with the remaining cards I needed to finish that set off. I will probably post them on another day, I hope. Game 4 is on and in the 8th inning and I have my fingers crossed and rally cap on. I do have time for a one card post.

This was a surprise addition and total bonus from Jeremy and it combines three of my favorite things in collecting.

1. Its a custom card and they rule!

2. Its roller derby. One of my favorite things in the world and

3. Its a sombrero card! Cards of people wearing sombreros is one of my odd genre collections that has stayed pretty small. Check it out, 3 birds, 1 stone (card). I love it!!!

Thanks so much Jeremy! You are a GREAT artist and a very generous collector and a pretty dang good blogger, too! Go Ra(y)ngers! troll out.

Wait... Couldn't publish cuz of blogger issues. The game is over, Rangers lost. My guy Aubrey Huff had a monster homerun and Freddy Sanchez had some nice plays in the field. Happy for them, bummed for the Rangers. While I wait on blogger, here are a few 2008 Allen and Ginter cards that need to go to the binder. The base set (1-350) is done! The State cards are done! Now my focus is on the Baseball Icons, Ancient Icons and Team Orange minis. As well as gathering the complete rainbow of Carl Crawford minis and inserts. Feel free to help... Wantlist is here... Thanks again to No One's Gonna Read This Blog for finishing that set and making my week with the rad custom roller derby girl! troll out.

Running With Rhubarb!

As promised, here is my latest trade with everyone's favorite Twins fan, Rhubarb Runner... The Runner has a super awesome local card shop and he is always shopping for just about everyone in the blog-o-sphere. His goal is to turn good deals into Twins cards he needs. This worked out great for me because I had just found a 2007 Glen Perkins autograph the same day he wrote me. He found 4 Rays cards at his shop and I needed 2 of them, so we agreed on the deal. Thing is, the stuff we agreed on was already pretty great, but the extras he threw in were AWESOME!

We will start with this Team Quad card from Playoff Absolute. Not to sound ungrateful, but I despise the design of Playoff cards. The blatant waste of space, the lack of information and stats and the tiny pictures and the serial numbering of cards that just don't seem that special. That said, I still chase them when they feature certain players and this quad includes Brandon Backe, Chad Gaudin, Toby Hall and Dewon Brazelton.

I collect Brazelton and therefore had to have this one. I swapped player collections with the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame not too long ago and snagged his rad Brazelton collection. I haven't posted it yet because I am not sure anyone would appreciate aside from myself and GSNHoF, but I will!

Next up is a card I sort of posted already, but wanted to put up again because it is really a neat card. It is Crowning Moment card #402 from 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings showing current Giant and former Devil Ray's first baseman Aubrey Huff. The reason I wanted to show this card again is that the rendition is truly amazing and I wanted to give the artist, Dave Kramer, a little love for it... Huff, by the way, is hitting .429 in the Series so far. I would say I am rooting for Huff to do well, but for his team to lose... By the way, I do NOT collect Huff. He had some success for the D-Rays, but I just wasn't a huge fan. Like all former D-Rays though, I have a page in the binder showing his 9 best cards. I upgrade whenever I can and this card made the cut.

Next up is the first surprise. From 2008 Upper Deck Documentary UPDATE. I didn't even realize there was an update, but I guess there is. All 8 cards are from the postseason. If you read the backs the Rays were. 500 over these 8 games. Ultimately they beat the White Sox and the Red Sox, but lost to the Phillies. Memories. When Documentary was on the shelves I thought it was a horrible, horrible set. Now, I desperately want to complete the 163 card set, PLUS the update version. 2008 was a magical year for the Rays and I would love to fill a binder with this. Its funny, but this year with Topps monopoly I find myself appreciating things that I never gave a second thought about before. I probably have at least 50 of these cards, so many trade packs have included 1 or 2, someday I will get them all together and into a proper binder.

Incidentally, a case of Ultra Pro pages is tops on my Christmas list!

Okay, back to the trade and the 2nd HUGE BONUS the Runner included... Another set I need to get all together and make a list of is 2009 Topps Update GOLD. I am trying to build the gold parallel version of EVERY D-Rays Topps team set. I need many, so I haven't made a list. Cards trickle in here and there, but Rhubarb sent me 4! This was a total surprise and a HUGE bonus. I don't get to scratch 4 cards off of my imaginary list very often! They are #UH55 Ben Zobrist All Star, UH103 of Evan Longoria All Star, #UH272 of All Star Carlos Pena in the home run derby and #UH287 of Matt Joyce. Awesome!!! The final card I am going to show off was actually the cornerstone of the deal.

It turned out great that the throw in cards totally overshadowed it, but this one is still pretty rad...It is from 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces, another set that I appreciate more and more as time goes on. This set was actually really cool then, but now that Masterpieces only lives on Beardy's blog, they are that much cooler!

This is a Captured on Canvas insert of Rays outfielder Rocco Baldelli. Opposite of Playoff, the design of this card is awesome! Great color, great use of space and a cool name. I don't really have too many Rocco Baldelli jersey cards. I decided that I need more. Rocco isn't my favorite, but I hold him in high enough regard that he gets multiple pages in the binder. This card is going right in.

Thanks so much for trading Rhubarb!!! I know we will deal again really soon! Thanks for reading and if you insist on sending me cards, I will def appreciate it, if those cards are gold, there will be even more appreciation...

Thank you Rhubarb Runner!!! Go Ra(y)ngers! troll out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mailbag Update...

Ran out of time to post. Rhubarb Runner is on deck - look for that SOON. On my way to the post office with packages for Gellner, Justin in Louisiana, Nachos Grande, Play at the Plate, Night Owl and Rhubarb...

That should empty my wallet, but the following folks can expect some mail love from Trollville: Captain Canuck, Anthony K., Wicked Ortega, Smed's Card Blog, McCann Can Triple, Jonathan at RGB Cards, Ryan's Memorabilia and BA Bennys Baseball Card Buffet.

I appreciate everyone's patience with me.

I worked some crazy extra overtime this week SO a week from today I will have some extra postage money and will finally get all caught up. Since I hate posts without pictures, here are 2 cards from the Rhubarb Runner exchange. These are probably the least interesting out of the lot, so it won't detract from the pending post, but they have World Series significance as both players used to drive in Devil Rays, but now are on opposite sides in the Series.

Gotta run. Go Ra(y)ngers! troll out.

I'm Not Special...

I am just like everyone else in the blog-o-sphere. I want to win a FREE box of 2010 Topps Chrome. If you hadn't already read about the contest on the 5000 other blogs that already posted this link - The Georgia Mindset is giving away a FREE box of shiny cards! Click HERE to enter and win!

I love a quick and simple contest, but more than that I love finding a new card blog to read. A few of my favorite blogs have fallen idle or just don't post that much anymore. The Georgia Mindset seems to be a pretty fresh blog and if not for this contest and ALL of this crazy advertising I probably wouldn't have found it. Anyway, you knew I couldn't just post a link... Actually I posted it a couple of times - you have like 7 different spots to click and enter so go do it and good luck to all! I love our network of awesome card blogs!

On a personal note, my blogging pace slowed a lot with my new job this year. I love doing this so much and I REALLY the readers that have patiently stuck with me through it all. I will keep on posting with every second of time I get and SOMEDAY I will post ALL of the great trades I have received in 2010.

There are some awesome and super generous folks out there and I owe many of you return packages. It WILL happen. I appreciate your patience.

Oh... Speaking of contests, I am slowly inching towards 100,000 hits and I promised a contest when I hit that plateau and that will happen as well. I am putting a poll on the sidebar to let y'all choose what you would like to win when it happens.

I can't sign off without mentioning the last two baseball games. As always I was at work when the games were played and as always my awesome neighbor DVRed them for me. Thing is that it wasn't great baseball and I wasn't all that inspired to watch them. I do have a soft spot for Freddy Sanchez (ex-Buc) and Aubrey Huff (ex-Ray), but when I hopped on the Rangers bandwagon I really expected more of them. Come on Texas, wake the heck up!

On a different note, I am thinking of liquidating my Scott Kazmir collection to make my wantlists smaller and make my Carl Crawford collection bigger. Get in touch if you wanna make a deal. I am still a Kaz fan - I am just not enjoying chasing his stuff like I used to...

The images in this post have NOTHING to do with the post, BUT I wanted to show off some new CC cards that have shown up in my mailbox...

Go Ra(y)ngers! troll out.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Upper Deck Portraits - Thinking Bout Chasing This One...

So yesterday I was pressed for time and posted up a couple of cards from the Portraits inserts set from 2010 Upper Deck. I am the kind of guy who as soon as I get more than a couple of cards from an insert set, I start thinking I can collect it. I have mixed feelings about the look of this set. Some cards are great, others... Not so much. I think basically I just want something special to remind me of the year that Topps had a monopoly on the hobby I love. When I made that decision I didn't have a card number higher than 30 - I didn't realize that there were 100 cards in the set. As of yesterday I wasn't sure if I was going to actively chase this, but since I actually got a comment, I will take Rhubarb Rhunners advice and go for it. I have 20 cards now, so I am 20% complete, but I still need 80% more. Long road...

I am guessing that most of you have 1 or 2 of these laying around, so I am going to ask my fellow bloggers and readers to send me your unwanted 2010 Upper Deck Portrait cards. Stuff 'em in a plain white envelope, slap a stamp on it and send them to Trollville.

I can probably make it worth your while... Anyway, I put together a NEEDS LIST, check it out here. My cards still are all over the place, but I am impressed with myself having so many want lists up... I feel like Nachos Grande, all organized! Anyway, here are a few more of the 20 cards I have. I should mention that I ripped one pack of 2010 Upper Deck - purely out of morbid curiousity. I had to see how bad an unlicensed product would look. Well, it looked bad enough that I wasn't willing to plunk down 3 bucks a pack for it. I may or may not have the Rays team set finished - many of you have hooked me up, but they are not exactly all in the same place. I know all my Portraits are together. I will show a few cards and put it out there once more - if anyone else is already chasing this, I don't want to step on your toes. You can figure out what I have by reversing my want list. Shoot me an e-mail and make me an offer for my 20 cards. If that doesn't happen, then the chase is on! Thanks to everyone who has sent me cards already. I truly appreciate the extreme generosity of the blog-o-sphere. Y'all rock! I sprinkled a few images throughout the post. Find my want list here.

I will end this post with card #SE-9 of Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett. The former 20 game winner and World Series Champ had an off year in 2010. I would say that I barely recognized him on the mound. I have to say he just aint looking like the Josh Beckett of old. On that note, the troll is out. Come on Rangers! Its bounce back time baby! Go Ra(y)ngers! troll out.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Troll's Got Nothing...

I finally opened my computer with just 10 minutes before time to go to work... That means no real post although I have plenty of stuff coming soon. I have had a packed mailbox of late which is AWESOME! Thanks to everyone who is hooking me up. I finally created a wantlist for 2010 Allen and Ginter. My project was to complete the set without buying a single pack. Through the generosity of my fellow bloggers I think I can do this. I need just one short print to finish it off 300-350 - if I get around to getting pages, I will have myself quite a few completed ones... The offending card is #345 by the way... I was attempting to complete the 100 card subset from 2010 Upper Deck - the portraits cards. I got a few of those in the mail this week which I will likely post. I don't know how far I will take this one. I have 30 out of 100 and am probably gonna give up. Is anyone out there working on these? Or want to trade for a starter lot? There are some BAD looking cards, but some really nice looking ones too. I am showing the CK and JV cards cuz I think they look pretty good. I might show some of the bad ones tomorrow... I did manage a Nitty Gritty post, please check that out... Bring on the Series! Go Ra(y)ngers! troll out.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moving a First Time Trader to the Front of the Line...

This wasn't really a trade. Last week I posted some packs of space cards and Spankee from My Cardboard Mistress claimed them. I told him I didn't want anything in return, BUT that I wouldn't ever refuse cards. Well, he sent some rad cards and some other goodies too... I received his infamous calling card AND a SWEET Nasa sticker AND a NASA pen too. I think this is the first time I ever got a pen in a trade package. I didn't scan the pen. It says NASA on it, BUT it isn't an astronaut pen. Like I said, I didn't need anything in return, but he said "Take the pen!" and I did. Here is what else I got...

A very cool looking Toby Hall Just Minors 2K card. I really love the look of these. He included a bit of Bowman including this numbered (125/150) BLUE rookie refractor of Alexander Colome. Alexander Colome is the nephew of former Rays pitcher Jesus Colome and he throws smoke.
The other Bowman inclusion is ten years older and shows current Rangers centerfielder Josh Hamilton. Hamilton would never work out as a Devil Ray, but it is reassuring that the Rays top pick in 1999 made it.
They did pretty well with their 2nd pick that year, netting Carl Crawford with that one. Spankee included some sweet CC cards that I didn't have yet. A pair of miniature 2009 Allen and Ginters - an ad back and a black bordered mini. Nice! He also sent a 2010 Topps T206 Bronze version of Crawford. I don't like the hatless style of this, but I am glad to own it!
I will end this "trade" post with a sweet and shiny blue refractor of Rays centerfielder BJ Upton. I love refractors, but I am becoming a bit obsessed with the blue ones making this one really great. Making it more interesting - I believe that Spankee went to high school with the Upton Brothers. Very cool. You definitely need to check out the My Cardboard Mistress blog - if not to check out his wantlists and posts, then to see his hilarious blog header... I might actually collect golf cards if I could pull that... Thanks so much for the great cards Spankee!!! Go Ra(y)ngers! troll out.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Doc Halladay and King Felix are Named 2010 Walter Johnson Award Winners

The 233 different baseball blogs which make up the Baseball Bloggers Alliance have spoken and made their selections for the top pitchers in baseball. The BBA announced today the winners of the 2010 Walter Johnson Award.
In the National League Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies was chosen tops on every chapter ballot to earn the honor.
In the American League David Price was given one first place chapter vote, while CC Sabathia received 3 top nods. Still, Seattle Mariners starter King Felix Hernandez was the resounding choice in the AL receiving 17 out of 21 first place votes.
The end vote in the American League closely resembled my own ballot, but I had left out Minnesota’s Francisco Liriano in favor of Tampa Bay’s Matt Garza.
Congrats to Doc Halladay and King Felix on being named the 2010 BBA Walter Johnson Award winners.
When the BBWA votes for their own award – the Cy Young I would be shocked if Roy Halladay isn’t an overwhelming selection. I do hope the BBWA has the courage to vote for King Felix as their Cy Young.
Go Ra(y)ngers! Troll out.

LAME ALERT! - The Absolute Worst Looking Card in My Personal Collection

The problem with being a player collector is that if a card company makes it and puts your favorite players name on it - you HAVE to have it.

I collect Carl Crawford cards and I will chase any card that has his picture on it. Now I have a card that doesn't even have that. I bought this from an auction site. There was no photo available, BUT it was only 99 cents and low shipping, so I rolled the dice. This is what I ended up with. I have no one to blame but myself...

The card was released by Tri Star in 2008 as part of their Signa Cuts series. The card has a nice blue border surrounding an open white space in the center of the center. On the top of the border it says "Carl Crawford Autograph - 3X League Leader - Steals". Below that is a huge open white space and below on the border is a serial number (095/115) and the product name. The white open space is similar to an index card and on this index card is a sticker auto of my favorite player. If you look closely you can a little bit of red and black lint stuck underneath the sticker auto. Classy. Nowhere on the card do you find a photo or rendering of the subject.
No stats, no team name and NOTHING on the back of the card. Straight up lame. I had always liked Tri Star's minor league products, but this...I STILL love this hobby. Go RA(Y)ngers! troll out.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Little Bit of Sunday Trade Bait...

I recently came into a little bit of 2007 Topps Chrome and ended up with 3 autographed, serial numbered chrome refractor cards. One of them has already been claimed. The other two are up for grabs. I would like a Rays autograph in exchange. If you want one, please claim here and send me an email at bacontowne at yahoo dot com.
First off is Kansas City centerfielder Mitch Maier.
The next one has already been claimed by Rhubarb Rhunner, but I will post it anyway, it is Glen Perkins of the Twins.
The final autographed card is of former Chicago Cub and current Orioles infielder Scott Moore.
Get in touch if you would like any of these. Thanks for looking. Go Rays! Wait, Go Rangers! Troll out.

Baseball Bloggers Alliance Ballot - My Picks for the 2010 Walter Johnson Award for Top Pitcher in American League

Its Baseball Bloggers Alliance voting time again – this round is for the Walter Johnson Award for Top Pitcher in each league. As I am an American League Blogger, following the Tampa Bay Rays, I will be placing my votes for the American League’s best pitcher. I will rank my top 5 pitchers in the League, but will start with a few guys who were on the cusp, but didn’t quite make the cut this season.

2010 was the year of the pitcher, but more so it was the year of the YOUNG pitcher. I broke down my top-10 only one was over 30 years old, but the average age is just 26 years of age among my top 10 AL pitchers.

I am generally a fan of the “crafty vet”, but I couldn’t place a single pitcher of that variety in my ranking. Carl Pavano of the Twins came closest – at 17-11 with 7 complete games and a 3.75 Pavano used his craftiness to the max, but it just wasn’t enough to get him among the elite American League hurlers.

I also didn’t place any relievers on this list. Rafael Soriano was a huge difference maker for the Tampa Bay Rays this year and he was deservedly named the BBA’s Goose Gossage Award winner as top reliever in the AL, but I don’t think he, or any other closer, embodies the spirit and legacy of Walter Johnson.

That said these are my Top-10 American League pitchers in descending order. ALL of these guys have BRIGHT futures ahead of them.

Starting at number 10 is the youngest starter on this list, 22 year old Trevor Cahill from Oakland. Cahill put up really amazing numbers for the A’s this year. He and Gio Gonzalez gave Oakland a great 1-2 punch in 2010, but it was Cahill’s 18-8 mark with a 2.97 ERA that got my attention.

Ranking 9th is my hometown flavor choice. The Tampa Bay Rays 26 year old right hander Matt Garza. Garza’s ERA is gigantic compared to Cahill’s and others on this list, but recall that I am a homer AND Garza had a damn good year and was a key reason the Rays had the best record in the AL without the standard offensive output they are known for. Garza was 15-10 in 32 starts with a 3.91 ERA and 150 K’s over 204 innings. He had 3 complete games, one of them a shutout and oh yeah, that shutout was a no-hitter.

My number 8 is a 25 year old from Boston. I think that Clay Bucholz is on the brink of superstardom, but I don’t think he is quite there yet. He only made 28 starts this season for the Sox, but pitched like an Ace. His mark of 17-7 and crazy low 2.33 ERA is jaw dropping.

Moving on to number 7 on my list is the only ranked pitcher over 30, 31 year old Cliff Lee. Lee has been nothing short of awesome in the postseason, but this is a regular season award. He averaged over 7 innings in his 28 starts which is great and threw 7 complete games. His losing record with the Rangers and 12-9 overall record just doesn’t do enough for me which leaves him 7th on my list.

The best of those who didn’t crack the top 5 is Los Angeles Angels starter Jered Weaver. Weaver didn’t have the win loss mark that his teammate Ervin Santana did, but the tall righty was more dominant than his 13-12 record indicates. The competition was stiff this year and Weaver’s 3+ ERA was too high for my vote, but I have to say that his league leading 233 K’s over 224 innings is Walter Johnson-esque.

Okay, now onto the top-5…

Ranking 5th is Detroit Tigers starter Justin Verlander. The 2006 Rookie of the Year always ranks among the best, but hasn’t had that breakout year to make him THE BEST. His 18-9 mark and 219 strikeouts were great, but not enough to rank him any higher (or lower).

My 4th place vote goes to my hometown Ace, Mr. #1, the Rays 24 old year old lefty David Price. I had to detach myself and go by performance and once I did he dropped from 1st place to 4th. At 19-6 with a 2.72 ERA Price had an awesome, better than expected breakout year, but I think this is just the beginning of what he can do and I don’t think he was quite worthy of Walter Johnson’s name this season. I would like to see Price going deeper into games and making more batters look foolish and raise his K total a bit. Awesome season, but a few guys were dialed in a bit more…

The Rays weren’t the only team to have 2 pitchers crack my Top-10; the other is the Boston Red Sox and their 26 year old ace Jon Lester. Lester gave up 1 run more a game than his teammate Bucholz, but pitched more often and stuck out much more. Injuries rattled the Sox this season, but Bucholz and Lester kept Boston in the hunt all year. 19-9, 3.25 ERA and 225 strikeouts is good enough for my third place vote.

We are creeping up on the winners and are down to number 2. I went with the New York Yankees 6’7” left hander Carsten Charles Sabathia. CC won 20 games for the first time in his 10-year career going 21-7 with a 3.18 ERA. He was hot and cold towards the season’s end, but 34 starts, 237 innings and 197 Ks look good next to the 20 wins.

Okay, here we are, down to the best. My selection for the BBA’s Walter Johnson Award for top pitcher in the American League. I went with the Mariners 24 year old Ace “King” Felix Hernandez. I really can’t believe that the Mariners had as bad a record as they did considering they started the year with a 1-2 attack from King Felix and Cliff Lee. Hernandez finished 2nd in the Cy Young Award vote last season when he went 19-9 for Seattle. This year his record dropped to 13-12, but he was an even better pitcher this season. He had more complete games, more innings pitched, more strikeouts and a lower ERA in 2010. I think that Felix Hernandez most embodies the true workhorse, dominant ace that Walter Johnson was for 2010. I can’t believe this guy is only 24! 13-12 record, a 2.27 ERA, 249 innings and 232 strikeouts. Awesome. King Felix Hernandez is my 2010 Walter Johnson Award Winner.
Thanks for reading. Thanks to the Baseball Bloggers Alliance for organizing this and for giving me a vote! I love this game! Troll out.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rangers Win and So Do I!!!

Well the Rangers did it. They ended the Yankees season and they are World Series bound for the first time in their history. A-Rod whiffed to end it. Fitting. As a baseball fan I am elated. As a blogger I am thrilled for the awesome Rangers bloggers out there who have been backing this team for so long. If you want a true Rangers fan celebration check out Spiff’s blog Texas Rangers Cards or Big D’s home Hey That’s Mine OR head on over to Play at the Plate. Actually I think there are a lot of bloggers that are pretty happy about this one. Yankee hatred tends to run rampant round here…
So congrats to Michael, Ian, Josh, Vlad, Nelson and the boys from Arlington! Now onto more unfinished business, my losing bet with Brian from Play at the Plate.

He had posted this Brian Roberts X-Fractor which I wanted so when we bet on the ALDS it was what I was hoping for. Well, the Rays lost and I lost the bet, but for some reason the card ended up in my mailbox a few days later AND it brought friends! Here is what your team losing in the playoffs can net you:
Of course, the Brian Roberts x-fractored shiny goodness which I am thrilled with. I do plan on bringing back my Brian Roberts Cards blog and I have a TON of new B-Rob cards to post (mostly from fellow B-Rob fan Ryan's Memorabilia, thanks dude!!!). Roberts remains my favorite current non-Ray (other than Jonny Gomes) but his back injury really took its toll on his season. He ended nicely however I thought. He played in only 59 games, but had 64 hits, 14 doubles, 4 homers and 12 steals... Not too shabby. . Of course that wasn't all I recieved in my concelation prize, not by a long shot. Lets start with a trio of shiny BJ Upton refractors of all varieties. Very cool.
I love these cards because I love colored parallels and refractors. I also like this pic on this card. I am on the fence about Upton though. I never set out to collect him, but there are just so many cards of him! I know he has the potential to be a superstar, but he leaves us Rays fans waiting and waiting each year. This year, his 5th, he set a career low with a .237 batting average and a futility mark with 164 strikeouts, BUT he also set career bests in doubles (38) and runs scored (89) and he hit 18 homers and stole 42 bases. In 2008 he shined in the postseason. He hit 4 homers and drove in 11 against Boston in the ALCS, BUT this year against Texas he managed just 4 hits in 21 at bats (.190). Not good. Can’t figure Upton out…

He included 1 more card in the package and this one really shocked me. This is another guy that I don’t really collect, but for different reasons. It is Evan Longoria and I don’t chase him because he is expensive. I own 1 autograph of Longo and 2 relics (both multiplayers). I had a few other premium cards, but they were all LOST a while back. This year Longoria set personal bests in batting average (.294), doubles (46) and steals (15) and started the All Star Game at third base. His power numbers and run production dropped a bit, but I really couldn’t think of anyone I would rather have manning third base on MY team. Still, Longo, like Upton, forgot his bat in the ALDS. He was 4 for 20 (.200) against Rangers pitching. Over his short career he is just 16 for 82 (.195) in the postseason. I recall seeing someone holding up a sign at Tropicana Field during game 5 which said “We showed up Evan, WHERE ARE YOU???”. Sad but true. Anyway, next year is a fresh season and all is forgiven and I was THRILLED to see this card – a 2010 Allen and Ginter jersey relic of the All Star third baseman. Thanks to blogger generosity I am nearly done with this set without buying a SINGLE pack, BUT this is my FIRST relic.

Thanks so MUCH Brian!!! I hope to lose a lot more bets with you in the very near future! I mean seriously, your team crushes the Yankees and I get a bunch of sweet cards too... Win win baby!

Go Rangers! Goodnight Yankees - you are gonna need to waste a couple hundred million more next year if you want to buy your way into the Series. Oh, as a trader FYI - those are the ONLY 2010 Chrome I have so far. I NEED the Carl Crawford Rainbow. Get in touch if you can help a Troll out... Oh, Shannon Stewart couldn't be reached for comment, but the Waxaholic has 2 great reasons to be a Rangers fan! Troll out.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Play at Third Base???

Yesterday my days were off a bit... Tonight is the night that the Rangers are going to drive the final nail into the coffin of the Yankees season. I couldn't find any more Play at the Plate cards to celebrate, but I did find a play at third base that you can find right HERE. I hope you will check it out in all of its Nitty Grittiness. The Carl Crawford card has no significance to this post, but it is shiny and new and mine. GO RANGERS! Spank the Yanks! troll out.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Plays at the Plate, Vintage Style!

Tonight the Rangers are going to stick the final nail in the Yankees coffin AND get to celebrate in front of the home crowd. I hope my buddy Brian from Play at the Plate has tickets and will be there to cheer the team on. The game starts at 7:30 PM Eastern. I am looking for the Rangers to start the power show early... In the meantime I am going to show off 3 Play at the Plate cards which will soon become part of the Play at the Plate Blog Collection. Starting with my current blog header pic showing Vic Power sliding into home plate on card #67 from 1956 Topps. A great base runner, Power once stole home twice in one game. He scored 91 runs in 1955 for the Athletics and made his first of 6 All Star appearances. He also switched to first base that year and would be fantastic at the position. From 1958 to 1964 he won 7 consecutive Rawlings Gold Glove Awards. It probably could have been more, but the Award wasn't given out for each League until 1958 and Power was the dominant fielding first baseman in the AL.

Next is card #45 of Gus Zernial, Power's power hitting teammate on the KC A's. The Play at the Plate shows Ozark Ike beating the throw and sliding in safe at home. Zernial spent 11 seasons playing in the American League and finished in the top-10 in homers six times. In 1951 he paced the league in both homeruns and RBIs.

My third and final Play at the Plate card from 1956 Topps is card #197 of Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Granny Hamner. Hamner was a key member of the Phillies Whiz Kids team that won the National League Pennant in 1950. In the Phils loss to the Yankees Hamner batted .429 in the Series. He was a 3-time All Star and one of the defensive leaders of the Whiz Kids. He also brought some pop to the plate, especially when he topped 20 homers in 1953. He held the record for homers by a shortstop for the Phillies which stood for over 50 years before Jimmy Rollins broke the mark in 2006. Brian, these are all yours for the claiming.
I love this game, I love this hobby! Go RANGERS! Beat them damn Yankees! For more 1956 Topps cards which don't show plays at the plate, click here.
Also please be sure to check out the New World Order takeover and giveaway over HERE. troll at the plate out.