Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still Looking for the Winners...

Greetings, the contest has ended and the winners have been posted... The top-3 have selected.
1. Adam E picks Brooks Robinson
2. Roy picks Ralph Kiner
3. Fan of Reds picks Al Kaline
4. Roof God - Either Orioles Piedmont autograph
5. Dan's Other World -- Frank Howard Auto
6. JD's Daddy ---- NEEDS TO PICK ----
Roof God and Jd's Dad, please make your picks here. Everyone else, please send me your address, even if we have traded recently. This is it for contests for now. I want to thank everyone for playing. Regular programming will return soon. Please vote on the polls for best catcher, best second baseman and the best shortstop (right here). Okay, now you are up JDs Daddy! Everyone, don't forget to send me your addresses. Cards should go out next week. Go Rays! Troll out.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Complete List, Including SIX Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the First Annual Collective Troll Reader Appreciation Contest! The results are in, here is what Random dot Org had to say...
List Randomizer
There were 75 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Luke Wieneke
2. Omega Wax
3. Roy - Picks 2nd
4. Flash
5. JDs Daddy - Picks 6th
6. Colt SEavers
7. Dog Faced Gremlin
8. Justin G.
9. Pack Addict
10. Dan-Saints of Cheap Seats
11. Faqs Fabian
12. Tim Enough Already
13. Dan the Other World - Picks 5th
14. Mariner 1
15. The Diamond King
16. Baseball Dad
17. Wax Wombat
18. JustinB251
19. Deal
20. Play at the Plate
21. Adam E - THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER-Picks 1st
22. (Joe)
23. Joe Blue Jays
24. McCann Can Triple
25. Captain Canuck
26. Motherscratcher
27. RWH-Ryan
28. The Jaw
29. Jonathan
30. Peterson
31. TJ
32. Field of Cards
33. PAB
34. Cameron Reds
35. Ryans Memorabilia
36. Tunguska
37. DGreen1899
38. SpastikMooss
39. Matt F
40. Steve E
41. Chris OK
42. Roof God - Picks 4th
43. Ryan AKA Orioles Magic
44. First Day Issue Bud
45. GCRL
46. ED S.
47. Rod Padrographs
48. Dayf
49. Duane Roadkill
50. Night Owlie
51. Madding
52. Senate
53. Fan of Reds - Picks 3rd
54. Marks Ephemera
55. DFWBuck2
56. Oophowan
57. Zman 40
58. Carl Crawford Cards
59. Cynical Buddha
60. Aaron
61. Sewing Machine Guy
62. IDK3rd Base
63. Joes Autographs
64. Beardy
65. BA Benny
66. Wicked Ortega
67. Drews Cards
68. Brian J
69. Brooklyn Met
70. Dpuccio-David
71. Hackenbush-David
72. Slangon
73. Offy
74. Jacob Marley
75. Matt-The Best Way
Timestamp: 2010-03-31 01:38:11

Thanks to everyone for reading this blog-it is the readers who make me want to write and I do appreciate it! Opening Day is inching closer. Do you have your tickets yet? I will be at Tropicana Field in the 7th row behind the dugout and I can't wait! This contest was sponsored by TBRaysNews dot com-check them out for all of your Rays news and notes, the site launches officially on Opening Day. Thanks again, congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone-especially those who left hilarious comments to enter. Y'all never disappoint. The reason that I begged everyone to follow this blog is because I have a lot of great posts planned, so keep on checking in. The Nitty Gritty Card of the Day will have a new and different vintage card posted daily and the third blog in the CT family is dedicated to my Brian Roberts collection, check it out as well. Thanks! Prizes will be shipped out late next week. Don't forget to send me your addresses. Winners, claim your prizes here. If you don't remember what the prize options were, the original post is here. Vote for the best shortstop ever while you are here, PLEASE. Go Rays! Troll out.

The Randomizer has SPOKEN!!!

I typed everyone's name into the randomizer and clicked it three times and the results are coming... I will have the list posted within an hour. I want to get a fresh greatest ever poll up first. Remember that number one on the list is NOT the winner. The winners will based on the pre-picked "lottery" numbers posted on the side bar. Number 21 will get first pick, #3 gets second choice with number 53, 42, 13 and 5 choosing in that order. I still do not have all of the cards in hand yet, so I won't be shipping anything out until next week, I just wanted to notify everyone today. It is the winner's responsibility to send me their address so I can ship the cards. If you are a winner, please claim which card you want (based on your picking order) in the comments so those choosing after you can pick. Thanks to everyone for reading this blog-knowing that people might be reading is what inspires me to write everyday... Thanks to everyone and stay tuned for more contests in the not too distant future. Go Rays! troll out.

It is Your Civic Duty

... to VOTE! There is a poll, which can be found right HERE for the top sportscard blog in the WORLD. Many members of our card blogging family are up for the Award and over 500 folks have voted already. It sounds prestigious and whomever wins will appreciate the award that much more if a whole bunch of folks vote, so go do it! Here is the link to VOTE again, check it out and give some love to Mojo and Beardy, Drew's Cards, Cardboard Junkie or whomever your favorite blog is. I hate posts without pictures, so I added one to this. This is a 2010 SlangKo Original of Hall of Famer Al Kaline. I love me some SlangKo and this a great looking card of a great player. Thanks for the card Sean! Oh, speaking of Al Kaline... I would consider Mr. Tiger to be one of the best right fielders ever. According to the vote on the poll for top right fielder, he ain't THE best. That distinction is shared between Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth with Roberto Clemente hot on their tails. I am going to keep putting up best ever polls on this blog as well as the Nitty Gritty and Leading Off. Please check 'em out and VOTE on those, too. I will cover every position and then get into pitchers and eventually determine the All Troll (Reader selected) All Time Super Mega Greatest Baseball Team Ever. So far Ted Williams and Ruth and Aaron are in! A new poll will go up on each blog later tonight. Also later tonight I will post info on my new player collection and oh, I will also post the results from that contest we had over here last week. Go Rays! troll out.

The Quadrafecta is Complete!

My good friend Wicked Ortega from My Past Time...I Love It! posted his ever growing Jordan Zimmerman collection the other day. I posted my ever growing Jared Sandberg collection the day before. I had shown off my first certified auto of JS. I already had his rookie card and a jersey relic so the certified auto gave me the Trifecta. Now, thanks to the aforementioned friend I have the Quadrafecta… That’s right, I now have the complete collection of Sandberg relics.To go along with a 2002 Bowman Freshman Fiber jersey relic, Wicked sent this 2001 Fleer Diamond Cuts bat relic of Sandberg. Quadrafecta complete! The collection is growing… Off to work… Go Rays! Troll out!

The Collective Troll Card of the Day

Not too much time today, but I wanted to get a card up. This is another one from the famous Wicked Vault… I have a lot of posting to do as My Past Time… I Love It! sent me a HUGE package last week and I am still not done posting the last one he sent… This card is from 2008 Topps Finest featuring a bold, blue, on-card autograph of Rays pitcher Andy Sonnanstine. Sonny is a personal favorite of mine. He struck out 10 batters for his major league victory on 6-10-2007. He won 13 games the following year when the Rays won the AL Pennant. Last year was a mess for him however and he spent the bulk of the year in AAA. This year he was in the race for the Rays starting rotation, but when Joe Maddon announced the rotation on Wednesday, Sonnanstine was the odd man out. That would have sealed Sonnanstine’s fate, placing him on the trading block before the start of the season, but an injury will put JP Howell on the DL to begin the season-that will make Sonnanstine a more valuable part of the pen and should keep him in Tampa Bay. That makes me happy and so does this card. Thanks again to my buddy Wicked Ortega for sharing and prepare to have your minds blown when I post everything he sent in the last package. By the by, there are a number of mindblowing awesome packages I need to post... Still not done with Stale Gum, Reds and More, My Past Time and oh my gosh, the package I recieved from Jacob Marley, THANKS!!! Go Rays! troll out.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Can't Upload Pictures...

For some reason I can't get a photo to upload... I don't know why, but I have tried two different computers, tried scans and photos and nothing... Off to work now. I really wanted to post up some of the great trades I have recieved. Sorry bout that... I won't be able to post again until Tuesday night. Check back then, there is a LOT of great cards I need to show off...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Contest is Closed!!!

74 people voted. Thank you all! That is one vote shy of me giving away cards to 6 different winners, but I am feeling generous, so there will be 6 winners when I draw the names on Tuesday. 89 different people voted for the greatest right fielder of all time, but somehow we still ended in a tie, go figure. There is still time to vote for the great left fielder of all time and check out the Nitty Gritty Card of the Day, so go do that now. Thanks again to all who entered and good luck to everyone. The contest is CLOSED. Go Rays! Troll out.

Less Than 2 Hours Left to Enter Contest

And also to vote in the poll... It is a tight race between Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Roberto Clemente right now... When the poll is closed, the contest will be as well. I will randomize the entrants on Tuesday night. Stay tuned. Go Rays! troll out.

Batting 4th for the Rays...

To begin the season the Rays will probably go with the following line-up 1-5. Bartlett will lead off, Crawford will hit 2nd, Ben Zobrist will bat 3rd, Evan Longoria will hit clean-up and Carlos Pena will bat 5th. That seemed like a good segue to introduce my newest 1 of 1 of the Rays cleanup hitter Evan Longoria. A huge thanks to Big D Cards and the Hey That's Mine! Blog for this one, I love it! Go Rays! Oh, and by the way, there is just 5 hours left to enter the contest... Don't forget to vote for the greatest left and right fielders of all time, too. Once again a HUGE thank you to Big D and the Hey That's Mine Blog for these amazing custom cards! Troll out.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

David Price 1/1

Before I start, if ya haven't entered the CONTEST yet, do it now... With that out of the way. My initiation into the world of Big D Cards began today...Lately I’ve been jealous. I admit it. I have been reading the other blogs the past few days I have seen amazing Big D Customs popping up all over the place. There was THIS awesome post and THIS awesome post showing off some really sweet customs. It seemed like Big D, AKA the Big Dude from the Hey That’s Mine blog had been a pretty busy card creator…  Oh yeah, those are pure awesome and as far as I know it is a 1/1. I generally despise 1/1 cards, UNLESS of course, I own them, then they are a-okay! It was my turn today… I got an envelope with the Big D logo on the return address. I was psyched! I was wondering what or who it would be. I was honestly hoping it wasn’t regular trade cards as I really wanted a custom of my own. I ripped open the envelope and found that they weren’t boring out Topps or Upper Deck cards; they were in fact, super awesome Big D Customs… As everyone else has already reported, these cards are nice. They are thick and glossy and totally one of a kind. I now have 3 different 1 of 1 cards of both Evan Longoria and David Price in my little collection. That is quite cool cuz I never even set out to collect those 2 guys… I was originally confused with the Devil Rays logo on them because neither guy ever played for the Devil Rays, but the more I have seen, I now know that all of his cards have a retro logo on them. Maybe it’s a licensing thing. Either way, they are pretty rad. The back of the card tells you these weren’t easy to make, so I do intend to treasure them and not leave them in an unlocked car. I would suggest heading over to Hey That’s Mine and beginning the ass kissing process right now! Thanks Big D! These rock. Oh, there is about 1 more day left to enter the contest, not many entries today, let’s change that! PS I ran out of time... I will show off the awesome Longo later... Go Rays! Troll out

Friday, March 26, 2010

CONTEST!!!! Info!

As I type this there are sixty people in the contest thus far, that makes me happy. I just read ALL of the comments, they really made me laugh. Seriously, the comments are freaking hilarious, thanks guys! If you haven't entered yet, ya can do so HERE. The more folks who enter, the more winners there will be.
Okay, when the randomizer hits the list of entrants these will be the prize winners…
#21 will get first selection…
#3 will get 2nd pick
#53 will get the 3rd choice
#42 takes the 4th pick
#13 is the 5th to choose
#5 picks 6th
#31 will pick 7th…
Now the remaining picks will occur assuming this many people enter…
#43 goes 8th
#61 picks 9th
#1 chooses 10th
And the final pick, if applicable will be #121…
Does this make sense to anyone but me? I hope so! Either way, just comment on this post and you are in. The rest will be up to me and the randomizer… Good luck to all! Remember to check out the Nitty Gritty for the poll regarding the top leftfielder of all time. Go Rays! Big thanks to Tampa Bay Rays News dot com for sponsoring this, check them out! Troll out!

New Poll Up.

To go along with the question of Greatest Right Fielder Ever, there is a poll on the Troll's brother blog, the Nitty Gritty which asks "Who Is The Greatest Left Fielder Ever?" Please check it out. If you haven't entered the contest yet, scroll down and win stuff... Go Rays! troll out.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The First Ever Collective Troll Reader Appreciation Contest Is HERE!!!

It’s contest time!!! The first annual Collective Troll Reader Appre-ciation contest is here! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this blogs 75,000 hits and 100 followers! It’s time for me to give back. I am going to try and keep this post short (for me) and sweet. The contest will stay up for 3 days. I put a poll up on the side bar that will run for 3 days. When the poll closes, you can no longer enter the contest. The rules are simple. You must follow this blog to enter. If you have a blog yourself, please add this blog to your blog rolls. One entry per person. I would encourage you to mention this contest on your blog, to vote in the poll, to follow the Nitty Gritty and to check out my new sources for Rays News, but doing those things will earn you a thank you, but not an extra entry. To enter comment on this post or any other post that is authorized on this blog. Simply put your name. That’s all that is necessary. You can add your location, your blog name, your favorite team or your shoe size if you wish, but all you have to do is enter your name. There will be up to 11 different winners based on randomization and number of entries. There will be a grand prize winner who gets first pick of the prizes, second, third, etc. All of your names will be randomized 3 times and the winners will be based on numbers I have preselected and posted on the sidebar. It will not be 1-2-3-4-5 on the list. If 25 people or less enter there will be 2 prizes, 40 makes 3, 60 makes 4, 75 makes 5, 90 makes 6 and over 100 different entries will yield 7 winners. If you guys pass 120 you can make it 8, pass 150 and I will give it all away to 11 different winners. Remember it is winner’s choice; I am giving y’all 11 different options. There are 3 Hall of Famer autos, 4 other autographs or 4 relic cards to choose from. Basically the more people who blog roll this blog and enter the contest, the more winners there will be. All of this might sound complicated, but I will deal with all that. All you have to do is follow this blog, comment with your name and cross your fingers. It is that easy. A few people have asked me why I am giving these cards away. The reason is simple; I appreciate the card blogger family. Through hard times it has picked me up and all the time it makes me feel welcome and I truly enjoy posting as often as I can and I love reading all of the other blogs out there. This is my way of saying thanks! So, to everyone who has ever stumbled across this blog, commented on it, traded with me or sent me a message, I do appreciate it! Good luck to all… Oh, the prizes. Yeah. Here is what you can win… All of the autos are on-card unless noted, some are serial numbered and all of them are awesome!
Brooks Robinson.

Al Kaline

Ralph Kiner

Frank Howard

Your choice of one of these 3 young pitcher's autographs from Topps T206 (Johnny Cueto is a sticker auto)
Or if it’s your preference, any one of these relic cards.
Okay, that is it. While you are here, please check out some of my other posts. Check out the Nitty Gritty Card of the Day everyday or my new source for Tampa Bay Rays News-this site will launch officially on opening day, but it won’t hurt to check it out now, plus are a new sponsor of this here blog, so show them some love… Good luck to everyone! Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to vote in the poll for Greatest Rightfielder of All Time…When the poll ends, so does the contest. It will be open for 3 full days. I wouldn't wait, enter now! Remember that this is on the honor system. You must be a follower, one entry per person, no cheating! Good luck to all and thanks for reading! Go Rays! Troll out.

2010 Topps, Tampa Bay Rays, Trades and More!!!

I went to the Post Office right after class today and the cards I was waiting for still have yet to arrive, but the contest will NOT be delayed any further. The contest will be up by 8PM (Eastern Time) tonight. In the mean time I want to show off some new 2010 Topps cards so I can put them into the binder. I will begin with some goodies from Joe O. in Illinois. Joe and I worked out a trade for some base cards he needed for the set, in exchange I got a TON of inserts I needed. I am still chasing almost all of the insert sets. You can find my list of needs HERE. I am nearly out of dupes right about now, but I may have some other stuff to offer up in trade. Anyway, Joe sent over this George Sisler Peak Performance insert, card #PP22. That card pushes me past the halfway mark on my needs list. I am still looking for Peak Performance cards numbered:1,2,5,8,14,17,18,19,23,26 and 27. Back to George Sisler… He held the MLB record for hits for 84 years until Ichiro came along and topped his total by 5 hits playing in 8 more games. Gorgeous George batted over 400 twice, including a .420 average in 1922 when he won the MVP Award. Primarily a first baseman, Sisler also owned a career 2.35 ERA in 111 innings on the mound. He went into the Hall of Fame in 1939. He is one of many, many guys named George in Cooperstown. On that topic, to the best of my knowledge, there is no one named Mark or Marc or Marck or even Marcus or Marquis in the Hall. David Mark Winfield is as close as we get… That really needs to change, but I can’t really think of a good candidate. Okay, I drifted a bit… Let’s get back on track with some Yo Mama cards. I don’t know why exactly, but I am really getting into the Yo Mama chase. Joe sent me this one, card # CMT-30 of 1981 Eddie Murray. He also chipped in one each from the HOTG set as well as Legendary Lineage. I found the pairing of Cobb and Granderson to be a little bit of a stretch, but now that he is in New York, it seems even sillier. I do like how they compare each player’s career stats on the back. Granderson isn’t too far behind Cobb in the homerun department, but he is over 1600 RBI behind and about 95 points behind in batting average. Still, with all of my beefs with this set, I REALLY wanna finish it off. Including a few that are pending, these are the Lineage cards I still need: 2,8,13,16,17,18,19,21,23,25,28 and 30.He also chipped in some History of the Game cards, too, but I am going to jump right to the stack of Turkey Reds. I didn’t expect to get very far at all in this set, but so far I have been pretty lucky. I think that everyone loves the Reds and I am no exception. Outside of Rays cards I have never tried to chase Turkey Red before, but I am definitely all in in 2010. Joe sent 4 of these great inserts. A pair of young sluggers with ties to Tampa Bay as well as a Hall of Fame slugger and a promising young hurler. I am still 31 cards away from sealing up the Turkey Reds, but I ain’t giving up! If you have any of these Turkey Red cards, let’s make a deal…
Card #s TR1,2,4,6,7,9,11,12,13,15,17,18,19,21,22,23,25,
26,27,28,30,31,32,34,37,39,40,43,44,45 and 47
Next up are some more 2010 Topps inserts and a whole lot more from Scott of the Hand Collated blog. Scott, I will be scouring your want lists this weekend so I can return the favor. Some of the goodies he sent (starting with 2010 Topps) are: Three more Cards That Your Mom Threw Out. I wanna finish this set bad! I didn’t think that much of these cards until I put them in the binder, now I NEED to fill those pages up. Starting with card #CMT-35, a 1986 Tony Gwynn. Gwynn hit 300 or better in a remarkable 19 straight seasons. Back in the day I had at least 20 copies of this card, but none ever looked this good. The black on the top was also chipped right out of the pack. Next are a couple of cards that I don’t own and have never had 20 copies of. Card #CMT-15, a 1966 Jim Palmer rookie card. The last Yo Mama card that Scott sent is card #CMT-17 of Mickey Mantle’s 1968 card. I gave up on my quest to collect the ’68 set, so this card is as close as I am getting for a while… To finish off this set I still need cards: 1,4,5,6,9,11,13,14,16,18,20,24,25,27,28,29,31,32,36,37,38,39,42,43,44,48,50,51,52,54,55,56,57 and 58. I guess that since I still need 34 more cards I am not that close, but it does mean that I do have 24 of them. Next up is another pairing from Legendary Lineage, card #LL27 of Joe Mauer and Tony Gwynn. They have both won multiple titles, but I think the similarity ends there for me. That concludes this 2010 Topps Showoff, but it doesn’t conclude this post. He sent over a bunch of cards for my Rays team set needs over the years, but I wanted to focus on these 2009 Upper Deck cards because I am pretty into this set right now. I don’t have a want list for these yet, but I know that I don’t need these! From series 2, Jason Bartlett and Andy Sonnanstine. Horizontal goodness of Aki and Willy Aybar. Finishing off with Matt Garza from series 1 along with a couple of guys who begin the season on the DL-JP Howell and Matt Joyce. Also from series 1 of ’09 Upper Deck is a card that I needed from one of my favorite insert sets of the whole year, the OPC previews. I already had the Pena, Upton and Crawford from this subset-now I have the Longo to go along with them. The last card I am going to show off from this super package from the Hand Collated blog is from 2008 Topps Updates. This is another insert set that I thought I was done with, but cards just keep on popping up! To go along with the Navarro, Crawford, Kazmir, Upton, Garza and Aki cards I already have from this set, I can now add a Game Worn Jersey of current Rays coach Rocco Baldelli to that binder page. Huge thanks go out to both Joe and Scott for all of these great cards! Thanks so much guys! I may sneak in another post prior to the contest, not sure yet… The contest will be up between 6 and 8 PM tonight, so keep on checking back. Hopefully this week I will have the time to scan up some great packages I have received recently. Reds and More, My Past Time, Heartbreaking Cards, Stale Gum and Jacob Marley have all sent me mindblowingly awesome packages that I am dying to post. Thanks for reading! Get in touch if you have ANY cards from my 2010 Topps inserts list… Oh, speaking of 2010 Topps-I just received my first SILK Rays card replacement. It is of Rays #4 starter, left-hander David Price… That reminds me, the Rays announced their starting rotation yesterday and I have a new favorite website for Rays News. It’s brand new, but I think it’s gonna be pretty cool. Check out TB Rays News dot com and tell ‘em the Troll sent ya! Go Rays! Thanks Scott and Joe! Troll out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Huge PC Hits and a Contest Addition...

Okay, so another day and another delay on the contest. I PROMISE that it will begin tomorrow regardless. In an effort to make it up to my dear readers I am adding to the bounty. In addition to the previously mentioned Hall of Famer autographs, I will add one more HOF autograph that will not disappoint. I have also decided to add one more non-HoF auto, but a great auto nonetheless. This certified auto of the Capital Punisher will now be added to the prize group when the contest commences tomorrow. Now, since I am in player collection limbo with my undecided new player, I am gonna hit the current player collections HARD. I am speaking of my Jared Sandberg and Danny Tartabull collections. I am confident that I can gather up EVERY single Sandberg card ever made. Tartabull may be a little more difficult, but I am gonna go down swinging with that one. Of my current PCs, I am still looking to build on the Carl Crawford, Jonny Gomes, Brian Roberts, Pat Neshek, Akinori Iwamura and Jason Bartlett collections. Yesterday I showed off another Bartlett auto from My Past Time I Love It!, today I am going to start with my first Bartlett relic, a 2009 Topps U&H All Star insert of JB. Embedded in this card is allegedly a piece of JB’s All Star workout jersey. It isn’t quite a Rays relic, but its Rays era and it celebrates Bartlett making his first All Star appearance, plus the card is numbered to 50. Now, onto Danny Tartabull. This first card doesn’t look like much, but it was a tough pull back in 1993 that I never thought I would own. This is from the 1993 Topps Stadium Club set. It is card #85 and shows my fav outfielder of my youth in a stupid Yankees uniform, but this card has a little stamp in the corner that says “1st Day Production”. Cards with this little stamp were one per box and I am really happy to add this. I think there are few more years of 1st Day cards that I still need, but I am on the right track. In addition to that ’93 Yankees card I also added a 1996 Leaf card showing the Bull as a member of the White Sox. The Bull had major career resurgence with the Sox in ’96. I know it was the live ball era, but as a fan I was thrilled to see Tartabull hit 27 long balls and drive in 102. This card is special because it was from that time frame, but also because it is my first Tartabull certified autograph. It comes from the 1996 Leaf Signature Series which is really affordable and loaded with players who don’t have any other certified autos out there. Speaking of certified autos, I also added my first Jared Sandberg certified auto this week. This card is from the 1999 Bowman set, card #BA57 with a nice bold blue signature across the front. Now I have officially completed the Trifecta for Sandberg, owning his rookie, a jersey relic and now a certified autograph. If I can find a bat relic, I will be ALL SET! I have been collecting Tartabull for 25 years now and I still don’t have the Trifecta of him, lacking a relic card. If anyone has ANY cards of Sandberg or Tartabull, please get in touch. I am still looking for a good idea to break the tie between Maz, Mad Dog and Doby, too. Off to work... That is all for now… Contest will be posted tomorrow, by hook or by crook! Thanks for reading! Go Rays! troll out.

Cut Signature DISASTERS, Potential PC Edition...

I am broke right now so I won’t be chasing cards for my new PC until this month’s mortgage is paid, but I still wish I knew who I was chasing. I got a package this morning with some Larry Doby cards that I will show off soon. I also have a great Mad Dog bat card that came in the mail last week that I need to show off. I was searching all 3 players on the auction sites and seeing what I am in for. Bill Mazeroski has a TON of cards. He is in many autograph series and these cards ain’t cheap! That frightens me. Knowing what a great signer Maz is it is hard to try and chase down 100 different autographed cards that average 40 bucks a pop. Now while I was looking I had this post from Sports Cards Uncensored on my mind. It was titled “How Not To Do a Cut Auto Volume 1,000,000” and showed the WORST cut auto card I had ever seen. Seriously, check this post and see the AWFUL looking piece of cardboard that sold for over $1,000.00 bucks. Well if that was Vol. 1,000,000, here is Vol. 1,000,001; a Larry Doby cut sig that you could own for $249.00. This one really sucks because the frame of the card is really nice and classy, but the extra words kill it for me. Check out Vol. 1,000,002; a decapitated Doby cut auto that probably used to look good before it was mutilated. You can buy it now for $125.00. Bill Mazeroski checks in with the same premise. How not to do a cut auto Vol. 1,000,003. Another card that probably used to look good. It can be yours for $59.99. I hate to give this auction site free advertising, but if any of my readers are dumb enough to buy these cut autograph disasters, well… They’re not! This ain’t eBay love, these are eBay atrocities… It sucks that you can take a nice in-person auto which might sell for 5 bucks, take a scissor to it and slap a serial number on it and the value goes up 10 times... I was glad that I didn't find any atrocicuts of Bill Madlock, but I am sure they exist. Oh, there is less than an hour to get in on the Steve Garvey bat relic contest. Enter HERE. More to come. Go Rays! Who am I collecting? Troll out.