2012 Topps Series 1 and 2 AND '87 Topps Minis

2012 Topps Series 1, 2 and Updates - 
Needs List: 
333, 360, 374 and 635.

Cards in Set - 990
Cards I have - 986
Cards I Need - 4
Percentage Complete - 99.6%
I do have a bunch of base cards from all 3 series for trade, hit me with a list if you need any... I also have inserts from Series 1 and 2, parallels and a BUNCH of Series 2 BLUES - like over 100. I have some GOLDS, Emeralds, sparkles and reds along with a fair number of 1987 Topps Minis. Shoot me an email with your needs! My dupes from '87 Topps style are listed below with my needs.

1987 Topps-Style Minis, My Needs/Trade List is Below...

The only insert set that I am chasing is the '87 Topps minis... This means I have plenty of inserts to spare if you are chasing 'em... Scroll down for mini dupes to trade.

TM16, 55, 90, 105, 112, 124, 125, 132, 133,  
137, 141,  143 and 146.

Number of Minis in Set: 150
What I Got: 137 cards
What I Need: 13 Cards
Percentage Complete: 91.3%

I have dupes of the following 1987 Topps Minis - TM-2 Mike Stanton, TM-5 Howie Kendrick x2, TM-13 Jayson Werth x2, TM-14 Ichiro, TM-18 Michael Bourn, TM-20 Evan Longoria, TM-21 Matt Holliday x2, TM-24 Dan Uggla, TM-25 Hanley Ramirez x2, TM-30 Andre Ethier x3, TM-31 Brandon Phillips, TM-33 Adrian Gonzalez, TM-38 Chase Utley, TM-40 Andrew McCutchen, TM-41 James Shields x2, TM-43 Mat Latos, TM-46 David Price x2, TM-54 Justin Upton, TM-67 Dan Haren, TM-74 Nelson Cruz, TM-75 Alex Rodriguez, TM-77 Mike Napoli, TM-83 Joe Mauer, TM-88 Brooks Robinson, TM-108 Jesus Montero, TM-113 Billy Butler, TM-116 Ian Kennedy, TM-118 Austin Jackson, TM-122 Yonder Alonzo, TM-129 Elvis Andrus, TM-131 Jimmy Rollins, TM-138 Ryan Dempster and TM-142 Albert Belle.

This is what I have TODAY. If I can get my hands on another blaster, I WILL buy it… Basically, I have ripped A LOT of 2013 Topps and I have the cards to prove it. GET in TOUCH if you need ANY cards – inserts, singles, parallels, whatever. I really wanna finish this set, but I also wanna lighten my load, too…

Thanks for checking out my want list! GO RAYS!

*** List Created 02-13-2012***
**List Update - 10-23-2013**