Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Breaking Wax After Midnight... Pack 31 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press

Okay, I am really cruising here. Not sure if anyone is reading, but I am psyched to be making headway… I still haven’t heard from 4 people from this first box break. If you had the Phillies, White Sox, Rockies or Tigers in the first box break, PLEASE get in touch. I would like to be mailing stuff out beginning on Wednesday morning. My house was already overcome with cards, but an extra 2000 of them in 30 different piles isn’t helping… I will post team by team totals before I ship everyone’s cards out. In the beginning it looked the Braves were running away with everything, but it has got much closer. The Braves, Marlins, Rockies, Mariners and Yankees are all about the same height. The Rangers and Blue Jays are not too far behind. Anyway, here we go with the 31st pack of 1997 Pinnacle X Press!
#112 Roberto Alomar Baltimore Orioles (Alomar was an All Star at second base EVERY year from 1990-2001, representing 4 different teams and both leagues-the Orioles were his third)
#72 Dean Palmer Texas Rangers (After putting up monstrous power numbers in ’96-38 homers and 107 RBI, Palmer was traded to Kansas City for Tom Goodwin in July of 1997)
#79 Pat Hentgen MEN OF SUMMER Toronto Blue Jays (The 1996 Cy Young Award winner in Gold!)
#15 Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners (A-Roid won his first (and only) batting title in 1996 at 20 years of age, just 3 years after the Mariners made him the first overall pick in the draft. He also paced the AL in doubles with 54 and runs scored with 141. He had 215 hits in ’96 which is still his career best. Thirteen years later and that was his ONLY batting title and doubles crown)
#??? Swing for the Fences Game Card Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants
#97 Joey Hamilton San Diego Padres
#146 Mike Piazza Peak Performers Los Angeles Dodgers
#101 Rondell White Montreal Expos
Okay, just five more left to go… It has been a really long day. I am work till 7 and then have class at 8. I don’t think I will post anymore tonight. I am WIPED OUT! Go Rays! Troll out.