Saturday, December 4, 2010

1965 Topps - Begging and Offering...The First in a 3 Part Series of '65 Topps Trade Bait! Come and Get It!

Okay, my needs list is updated for 1965 Topps. It now includes my needs for the first 314 cards - it is a long list... I also included my dupes and most wanted cards. I REALLY want to get card #3. It is the last League Leader card that I need and if I get it I will have the first 3 pages filled. Anyway, here are 27 cards I have 2 of. In most cases I took the better condition card for my binder, but not in all. If you are really interested I can send you single card scans of a card shown. Anyway, here they are in all their glory... The first page includes cards #ed:
13 Pedro Ramos - Yankees - Claimed BA Benny
23 Bob Tiefenauer - Braves
27 Dick Bertell - Cubbies
51 Billy Bryan (really rough shape) Athletics
56 Ron Kline - Senators (has a pen mark below pennant)
57 St. Louis Cardinals (duh) - Claimed BA Benny
60 Jim O'Toole ( a little creased) Reds
66 Bill Rigney - Angels Manager
68 Del Crandall - Giants
Okay, there you have the first 9. There are 18 more cards coming, probably in about an hour or two. The rules are - claim the card on the comments here and send me an email with your offer.
My goal is to pick up as many 1965 Topps cards for my set.
I do have other want list needs that I will consider. I will probably not trade a '65 Topps card for a 2008 Topps Willy Aybar. Just saying.
One thing I can guarantee I would consider is Topps Gold, Black or Platinum Rays parallels. If I don't have it I could def consider trading vintage for those Topps parallels. A Rays uniform auto of any of the players listed on the side bar would be pretty nice too...
I hope there is something here that somebody wants.
I bought a couple of lots on the 'bay on Veterans Day (my day off from work!) and although they were both good deals, I ended up not scratching too many numbers off of my want list AND getting a whole bunch of dupes. I bought a 20 card lot and a 27 card lot and I have now 27 doubles left. Not too good Troll. Anyway, thanks for looking, lot 2 will be up shortly.
A few quick notes... Cash is limited around here, so unless you object the chosen card will be put in a penny sleeve, top loader and team bag and shipped in a plain white envelope with a single stamp.
Also, unless I note it otherwise, EVERY card I post will be available to trade for cards on my needs list, especially card #3! Go Rays! troll out.


  1. if I may throw out a suggestion, for PWE, a penny sleeve and a folded piece of paper works best. The postal system puts PWE through machines to sort them, and 90% of the time, a top loader will clog the machine and bend or wreck the card. Not every time, but most.

    I get my TTM autos back without top loaders in PWE and they arrive just fine.

    Just my 2 cents.... carry on...

  2. Much appreciated Captain. I never really considered that... I have probably clogged many a machine over the years...

  3. I would like the 13 Pedro Ramos - Yankees and 57 St. Louis Cardinals. Waiting for last 9 to see if any others tickle my fancy.

  4. Brother, You know i will get you something great for all of the Milwaukee Braves you can afford to trade. See me soon, I have a bulging pack of rays for you...