Saturday, December 4, 2010

1965 Topps Trade Bait Volume 3, The Final Offering...

Okay, this is my third post on this topic and my third post today. I can barely keep my eyes open already and I still haven't even started my shift at work yet. It is going to be a LONG night! Anyway, without any further adieu, here is the final page and last 9 cards I have to offer up for trade. It might help if you read this post first. Reading my 1965 Topps wantlist may be helpful as well. Anyway, here we go! I am offering for trade cards #ed:
152 Phil Ortega - Senators
156 Bob Sadowski - Braves - Claimed Waxaholic
162 Russ Nixon - Red Sox, no Twins!
177 Pete Mikkelsen - Yankees - Claimed BA Benny
181 Senators Rookie Stars - Loun and McCabe
211 Steve Ridzik - Senators
226 Yankees Rookie Stars - Jiminez and Gibbs (2 available)-1 Claimed-BA Benny
333 Tommy Reynolds - Athletics
409 Astros Rookie Stars - Beauchamp and Larry Dierker - CLAIMED-Daily Dimwit
As always, thanks for looking. If you want a card, claim it in the comments and send me an electronic mail message with your offer. This will be the last formal trade bait post. Be aware that all cards here, in the header and being posted on the Nitty Gritty are up for trade in exchange for '65 Topps from my want list. As you are reading this, I am at work. I love the magic of scheduled posts... Anyway, thanks for looking. Go Rays! troll out.


  1. hey bud, I need #156 Bob Sadowski for my team set... I'll hit you up later via electronic mail...


  2. I can use the 177 Pete Mikkelsen - Yankees and 226 Yankees Rookie Stars - Jiminez and Gibbs to go with the Pedro Ramos Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals from first post. I will do some digging and e-mail you an offer.