Saturday, December 4, 2010

1965 Topps Trade Bait Volume 2, Come and Get 'Em!

Okay, if you are just stopping by, please read the post below. I am trying to finish off a set, 1965 Topps Baseball to be specific. My needs list is HERE. Below you will find 9 cards from that very set that are duplicates and I no longer have a use for them. My idea is that perhaps someone does need them and might have something that I need and be willing to make a deal. It sounds solid in theory. Here we go!
Cards #ed
70 Moose Skowron - White Sox
86 Les Narum - Senators
87 Nelson Mathews KC Athletics
109 Walt Bond - Colt 45s (a bit off-center) - CLAIMED Daily Dimwit
117 Wes Stock -KC Athletics
128 Vic Davalillo - Indians
142 Bill Monboquette - Red Sox
146 Ron Hansen - White Sox
148 Willie Kirkland - Senators (yes, he has a toothpick in his mouth, does anyone collect those?)

Okay, that does it for round 2. I have one more page to post today. I really hope that someone needs something here. If you do, claim in the comments and send me an email por favor. Go Rays! RE-SIGN CARL CRAWFORD! troll out.

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