Saturday, December 18, 2010

Now That Joe Morgan is Unemployed, Is it Safe to Recognize Him as One of the Best Second Baseman of All Time?

... and not just one of the worst broadcasters who played pro ball at one time on the same team as Steve Carlton...

I have decided to stop hating on him personally. I will probably even change the Nitty Gritty blog header. I am pleased to say that in my 1965 Topps binder I have changed the card in the slot for card #16. I really can't believe that I was able to complete this odd trifecta.

So, is Joe Morgan forgiven?

Okay. Off to work. A few notes... The Legendary Cardboard Junkie just offered up a huge trade involving 1965 Topps. Of the 27 trade bait cards I offered, they are ALL taken. BA Benny, Daily Dimwit and Captain Canuck - yours are all on the way AND dayf will be taking the rest off of my hands in return for a huge chunk off my wantlist. I am PSYCHED!!!! Oh, speaking of psych... I got an A in Psychology last year, but pulled off an A in Sociology this semester after getting a 99 on my final exam. Woo hoo!!! My other grades are still pending.

I will announce the contest tomorrow. There was an issue with the prize card, but I bought a few more to try and replace it. I think all will be pleased, I hope. Thanks to everyone for trading with me! Just a few more cards and the first 20 pages of my 1965 Topps binder are done!!!

Go baseball card collecting! troll out.


  1. No. The hatred cannot stop. It is too soon.

    Too soon.

    Maybe. One day.

    But not now.

  2. My hatred of Morgan way precedes his broadcasting period. So, no, it cannot end.

    Congrats on the A!

  3. Joe Morgan is one of the top three second baseman to ever play the game. That's never been denied.

    However, he is also the person responsible for Ron Santo never being rightfully honored by his peers as a Hall of Famer while he was alive. And for that, I will never, ever, EVER forgive the man. Ever.

    Joe Morgan: Noooo! Forgive me!
    Dayf: Offer me money.
    Joe Morgan: Yes!
    Dayf: Power, too, promise me that.
    Joe Morgan: All that I have and more. Please...
    Dayf: Offer me anything I ask for.
    Joe Morgan: Anything you want...
    Dayf: I want to hear Ron Santo's acceptance speech at his Hall of Fame induction, you son of a bitch!

  4. Is Morgan worse than McCarver? That doesn't seem possible!

  5. Jim - Joe Morgan is the worst ever!!!!!

  6. Okay. Point taken. Joe Morgan is NOT forgiven! At least he will be a little more quiet this year...Thanks for all the comments y'all!

  7. Wow, great post and hilarious comments. Except for Dayf...he's seriously pissed. I don't blame him though. Congrats on the "A".