Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, The Contest Is Closed!!!

This post is scheduled, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2011! We are out watching a News Years roller derby bout between Oklahoma City and Tulsa to be followed by a Flaming Lips show. I can guarantee we are having a blast...
I am officially closing the contest now and showing off a photo of 3 generations of Trollness...

To end the suspense, on Wednesday December 22, 2010 at 11:35 PM Atlas Ray Generous entered this world!!!

Obviously I am a very proud Grandpa. Atlas is an awesome and amazing little person and spending time with his awesome Daddy and Mommy is great. Esther Gin N Juice and I are having an awesome time!

The contest is now closed. Thanks to all who have entered. When I get back to Floriduh I will take care of the business of picking out the winner. I loved that so many of you played along. Choosing the prizes is going to be a game in itself. I have 10 different Hall of Famer cards in sealed envelopes and will pick out 3. You might get Jackie Robinson, you get Phil Rizzutto, you might get Robin Roberts or Eddie Mathews or Hank Aaron or Larry Doby or any combination of the 3. Like I said, the prizes are NICE. I want to say thank you seriously to all who read and comment on this blog of mine. I am looking forward to a great 2011 and blogging and collecting and being a Grandbaby spoiling machine!

Happy New Year!!! go rays! troll out.


  1. GREEK GODS! I never even thought about them! Even though if I had been able to get my hands on the birth certificate my daughter might have been named Eris. (She certainly fits the part)

    Congrats gramps and HEPPY NOO YEER!

  2. Grandpuh, don't start boring Atlas with "back in my day" stories ...

    Congrats to the winner.

  3. How cool is that?! Congrats, and have a great new year!

  4. Most excellent and proof that vintage and new can coincide wonderfully (that may or may not be a shot at the grandpa!) Congrats to the whole family.

  5. Way Cool for you Mr. Troll!! Congrats and a very nice picture of the 3 generations. Thanks for a fun contest and letting us share in the joy of your new addition.

  6. I may have a shot at this too with my 11:54 pm guess. 19 minutes off isn't to shabby.