Thursday, December 2, 2010

1965 Topps - Trade Bait Coming Soon

My biggest collecting focus right now is my 1965 Topps set... I really wanna fill some holes in it. I found 27 dupes from the set that I will post tomorrow. I have some completed pages to post up, too... If you have any '65 Topps cards, please take a second and glance over my needs list. If you have a card I need, I will find a card that YOU need. All of the cards in the header are up for grabs and I will be posting random cards here and on the Nitty Gritty from 1956 on up - they are all out there for trade for '65s I need. Till tomorrow. Oh, the sooner I can determine what cards I am trading, the sooner the contest will go up... Go Rays! troll out.


  1. Sweet. Looking forward to seeing all the cards. That Spahn looks sweet.

  2. That floating heads home run leaders card is funny. Even Orlando thinks so! You'll be getting my only 1965, the Tony Gonzalez, when I get it!