Thursday, October 6, 2011

Congrats Rangers

A little late, but CONGRATS to the Texas Rangers! The Rays had some bright spots and they definitely over achieved just being there, but the better team won...
I am loving the playoffs and rooting hard for the Tigers, Cards and Brewers... I am officially a Rangers fan from here on out, but if the Tigers knock out the Yanks its gonna be hard not to back Detroit...
Go Rays! troll out.
PS. I have recieved a number of amazing trade packs this week and I intend to post them all!!! Thanks everyone - want lists are up to date. Check em out...


  1. lol, we are rooting for all the same teams... Well, I might have a vested interest in seeing the Phillies in the World Series, simply for the amount of Pony gags I could do on the blog. Don't tell Thorzul, though.

    I sincerely hope I didn't jinx the Rays. I really latched onto them after the Braves collapse. I'm liking the Rangers - Tigers ALCS though.

  2. I'm happy for the Tigers, but I was hoping to beat the Yankees again.

  3. The ALCS will be a happy little series.

    The NLCS, not so much. But killing the snakes will help.

  4. The Tigers are actually giving me pause (as did the Rays). Texas had better be on their toes for this one - these guys aren't the Yankees.

  5. hey there..i've got a few small offerings i can make from your want list..i've got a few negro league alumni and a woman player from the old ted williams card co., babe ruth speaking into a mike, and a 64 topps giant brooks robonson.
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    thanks !