Wednesday, February 15, 2012

29 Coins Away From a Willie Mays Auto!

Has anyone else redeemed codes on the 2012 Topps Golden site? I had 2 codes and tried a few times, but their website was unavailable... Last night Play at the Plate posted that it was live so I grabbed my 2 codes. What did I get? A player coin that I don't care about - A-Roid and a team coin I don't care about - the Indians... I thought the coin looked cool till I read that it was a digital image only and not a real coin... Not impressed. I had more fun unlocked 1986 Danny Heep cards in 2010... What do y'all think?

The Pirates impressive (not sarcastic this year) pitching staff has its first on-field workout this Sunday and I will be there... The NL Central Flag is theirs to loose... Go Bucs!
Oh, Tom from Angels in Order is the first to help me out on the 2012 Topps set, so the want list is up to date... Check it out here...

Go Rays! The best manager in the AL is locked up, as is the best rookie starter, the Rays are WS bound! troll out.


  1. Virtual coins are no more or less exciting than virtual cards - do you know anyone who actually paid to turn those 1986 Danny Heep cards into the real thing?

  2. Paul, ha! I hope no one wasted their money on that... I know when 2011 rolled around I still had 20 or so junk wax cards in my "account" and last year I had a bunch of virtual rings, plus crappy cards... I guess I wouldn't have been happy unless I unlocked a '52 Mantle... I live/love to complain, especially about Topps since they will get my money regardless of their virtual giveaways... Thanks for reading!