Sunday, June 21, 2009

Real Ones Autographs

Who is this guy?
I pulled this in the 31st pack (beat the odds on this on!) of 2009 Heritage that we opened this year, it was the first auto or game used card we got. I meant to post this card as part of a pack rip, but I got over anxious. I’m really curious about who this guy is and how he ended up in this set of cards. I’ve never looked at the list for Real Ones Autos this year, so I don’t know the variety. I pulled a few of these in the last two years, but they were all of players I had heard of, like Jack Harshman, Dusty Rhodes, Fausto Carmona, Duke Snider and Minnie Minoso. This just seems a weird choice. I like that it’s a on-card-auto. I like that a 76-year-old guy took the time to sign all of these. It’s cool that it brings his career to light and people are pulling his card and checking into his career. What is weird is that his career lasted two short seasons of relief where he posted a 0-1 record with a 9.95 ERA in 6.1 innings pitched. He did have 5 KS over those innings, but had 5 walks and gave up 3 home runs. He does have a cool name (which is not listed on the card anywhere) though. His full name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt Wieand. The right handed pitcher just went by Teddy Wieand for short over his short career. It’s a cool card, I guess. I’m gonna assume that he has kids when I say happy fathers day Ted; I wish baseball worked out better for you!
This card is up for trade for anyone who wants it. It seems to sell on eBay for between 10 and 15 bucks, but I am done with eBay for a while.

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