Sunday, June 21, 2009

Roller Derby Trophies

Nearly forgot… Thanks to my good friend, and friend of the blog, Kevin Lunde (Happy Fathers Day Kev!) from, there is hardware on the line for tonight’s bout!
There will be trophies for the best jammer (offensive scorer) and best blocker from each respective team.
I think my money is on to win it all. In fact, she has started talking smack already, here is a quote from Esther Gin & Juice (of the Black team) this morning to her opponents. "Okay, now I have a message for the beautiful red team. If I may quote the great Joe Dirt: "Why don't you go ahead and practice fallin' down, I'll be there in a minute." Black captain, Prosehack echoes her ideas with this quote, "Black goes with everything...especially the winner's title. "
I'd love to hear from the Red squad, too. Whaddya got?
Thanks for reading and Happy Fathers Day to all! Go Esther! Go Bombshells! Go Rays! Go Dads!
Tonights bout should be a ton of fun, we have 22 girls from our league skating, many in their first bout ever. Come on out to Florida Wheels and check out the coolest thing you will ever see!
Troll out!

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