Friday, August 21, 2009

Bloggers Vote For the Hall of Fame! A CONTEST BABY!!!

So, back on July 26th when the newest members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame received their proper induction in Cooperstown, New York, I was obviously in some type of a pack (crack) ripping haze and I completely out on writing anything about it. HOF inductions are one of my favorite things and this years crop which included Joe Gordon, Jim Rice and the “Greatest Basestealer Ever” Rickey Henderson was a pretty good one. There were a few guys on the ballot that I feel got the snub, but that is part of what makes it fun and keeps you interested. I had been planning on having a Hall of Fame related contest and I still am. Better late than never, right? My last contest was All Star themed and I gave away some relic cards, all featuring players who were All Stars at some point in their careers. This contest will be HOF-themed and the give away will all feature all Hall of Fame players (guys who played in many AS games). It will be a winner takes all deal. Every autograph, card, magazine, postcard, etc. that is scanned on this post is a part of the prize. The winner will get a flat rate Priority mailer filled with all of these goodies and a few bonuses, too. The rule number one in this contest is that you must follow this blog to enter. You can’t enter and then follow some day; you must follow it first and then enter. I will keep the contest open until August 30, 2009 to allow as many folks as possible to enter. It is limited to one entry per follower, but if you post this contest on your own blog, I will give you a bonus entry, but you have to let me know. All entries will be typed on a piece of paper, cut and folded by me, placed into a hat and drawn by the lovely (and impartial) Esther Gin N Juice. She will be blindfolded, there will be no shenanigans! The key prizes here are probably the autographs. I have had all 3 of these since the mid 1980s; they were all signed in person at various card shows in Connecticut. My allowance afforded me the autograph ticket, but rarely bought the 8X10, hence the index cards. To keep this post shorter than most, I will trust that you, the loyal Troll reader, will research these amazing players on your own. First is:
George Kell, a 10 X All Star and owner of a career .306 batting average, he was inducted in 1983. Next, Bobby Doerr, a 9-time All Star and Hall of Famer class of 1986.
The final autograph is of Lou Boudreau. He was a 7-time All Star and the MVP in 1948. He was in the HOF class of 1970. The winner will receive at least two addtional (non HOF) index card autos.
This is the only carry over from the last contest. I don’t know why I didn’t work out a trade for this, but it’s still hanging around, so it will join this contest. It is a 2009 Topps patch card of Reggie Jackson, HOF 1993.
Now some more cards… There are about 30 (not all are scanned) of them; most are inserts from Topps sets of the past 3 years.
2008 Topps card #7, Mickey Mantle, HOF 1974.
2009 Topps Legends of the Game, LLG-15, Ty Cobb, HOF 1936
2009 Topps Career Best Legends, LGCB-RC, Roy Campanella, HOF 1969.
2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy, YSL 1559, Joe Gordon, HOF 2009.
2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary, #1258, Orlando Cepeda, HOF 1999
2008 Goudey, No.46, Sparky Anderson, HOF 2000.
2009 Topps Heritage, BF2, Bill Mazeroski, HOF 2001.
2009 Topps Heritage, BF8, Ernie Banks, HOF 1977.
A trio of Walter “Big Train” Johnson from the 2009 Topps set. HOF 1936
1998 Skybox Thunder, #165, Wade Boggs, HOF 2005 (wow, this card sticks out like a sore thumb).
2007 Topps, TW1, Ted Williams (batting 1.000 that day, he is good!), HOF 1966.
2008 Goudey, No.135, Dennis Eckersley, HOF 2004.
2008 Topps Heritage, BF7, Brooks Robinson, HOF 1983.
2008 Topps Heritage BF2, Luis Aparacio, HOF 1984.
2007 Topps Heritage, FB8, Jim Bunning, HOF 1996.
2007 Topps Heritage, FB9, Richie Ashburn, HOF 1995.
2007 Topps Heritage, FB1, Al Kaline, HOF 1980.
2007 Topps Heritage, FB4, Warren Spahn, HOF 1973.
1994 Ted Williams, #111, Bullet Joe Rogan, HOF 1998.
2007 Topps, DS15, Hoyt Wilhelm, HOF 1985.
1994 Ted Williams, #103, Leon Day, HOF 1995.
There will probably be others, but I am tired of scanning. There is other stuff in the prize envelope, too. A few HOF postcard plaques, a Sports Illustrated from 7/28/97 Proclaiming Tony Gwynn as “The Best Hitter Since Ted Williams”. Also a Sporting News HOF program from 1988 featuring Willie Stargell on the cover. To enter you have to become a voter for the Hall of Fame election, Blogosphere version… Let me explain, and then I will make the first comment slash entry as a sample…
1. You must follow the blog to enter.
2. To enter, you must choose your selections for the Hall of Fame, Class of 2010. You may select up to 5 players. The first ballot players will be listed below.
3. The winner of the contest will be drawn from a hat on September 1, 2009.
4. The votes for the Hall of Fame will be tallied up and the top-five vote getters will be declared Collective Troll Hall of Famers Class of 2009 and a half!
The following players will be on the ballot for the first time in 2010: Roberto Alomar, Barry Larkin, Robin Ventura, Edgar Martinez, Fred McGriff, Kevin Appier, Ellis Burks, Ray Lankford, Pat Hentgen, Todd Zeile, Eric Karros, Mark McLemore, Andres Galarraga, Fernando Vina, Mike Jackson, Shane Reynolds, Dave Burba, David Segui, Andy Ashby.
Voters can choose anyone who meets the retired eligibility. Banned or suspended players can receive votes if you so choose, so yes, you may vote for Pete Rose. You can pick players off that ballot or go old school veteran’s committee style with players like Gil Hodges, Allie Reynolds, Mickey Vernon, Joe Torre, etc. That’s it. On the comment, list your name and location. Your favorite player OR team. Your 5 votes for the Hall of Fame and anything you wanna say. If this post gets clogged with too many comments (and I hope it does!) I will start a fresh post that you may enter on. Remember, the contest runs till 8-30-2009. It is winner take all. The winner will receive everything listed on this post and then some more stuff. You must follow this blog to enter. If you post a link on your own blog, you get a bonus entry. Oh, and well you are here, please check out this blog, perhaps read some of my posts, that would be cool and would build up some good contest Karma. Good luck. Oh, as another bonus, the first 10 people who vote (other than me) will get a bonus chance (on top of the link bonus) so get typing! Oh, there is one more free contest that you are not gonna wanna miss out now, Allen and Ginter madness and giveaways, tell him the Troll sent you! Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. I am marck from floriduh and i am a Tampa Bay Rays fan... I don't follow this blog, so i cannot win, but i wanted to vote anyway... I wish the stoopid guy who set up this contest let you pick more than 5 people. There are quite a few deserving players out there...Okay, my 5 picks are:
    Bert Blyleven, Vern Stephens, Tim Raines, Harold Baines and legendary coach and player, Buck O'Neill. Enjoy the contest and good luck to all!!!

  2. Robby Alomar, Barry Larkin, Fred McGriff, Bert Blyleven, Tim Raines

  3. Dont forget to post your name, fav team and location... it will make sorting the entries a heckuva lot easier...

  4. Name: Crawford Cards
    Team: Rays
    Location: North of Fargo

    Given the parameters this is tough.

    Shoeless Joe, Pete Rose, Fred McGriff, Bert Blyleven, and Buck O'Neill.

    Shoeless Joe and Rose are self-explanatory.

    I'm not big on 500 HR being the benchmark for inclusion, and McGriff's well-rounded career stats should get him in the Hall in a few years, though it may unfairly take some time.

    Statistically Blyleven's not already being in the Hall is an absolute crime, and is an indictment of the BBWA.

    Ditto for O'Neill. I understand the "Robinson integrated MLB" is one of our cultural memes, but reality is that, even after Pumpsie Green integrated the Red Sox, racial politics remained firmly in place and so many players NEVER got a fair shot at making it. O'Neill is not only one of those semi-forgotten players who "never got a shot," but his role in promoting the game and the Negro Leagues made him one of the game's great historians and ambassadors. A CRIME he wasn't elected before he passed.

    Great contest, Troll! I'll put it up when I post the Trucks results tonight!

  5. I vote for the crime dog Fred McGriff. Only 24 players have hit more than 2400 hits and 450 home runs in a career which Fred Mcgriff has done.Only 14 players have hit more than 2500 hits and 500 home runs in a career, Mcgriff only needed 10 more hits and 7 more home runs to be the 15 player to do it.

  6. Canuck
    Third Igloo on the Left, Canada
    Da Braves

    Dale Murphy!!!! Buck O'Neil, Joe Jackson, Pete Rose, Fred McGriff

    Been following since the star, and will do up a post on the blog for you...

  7. Rod @ Padrographs
    San Diego Padres
    Portland, OR
    Joe Jackson, Pete Rose, Mark McGwire, Artie Wilson, Dale Murphy

  8. Trammell to Whitaker

    Located in Arkansas
    Follow the Tigers

    My votes are for: Alan Trammell (duh), Pete Rose, Bert Blyleven, Ron Santo, and Buck O'Neal

  9. Sean in New Jersey
    New York Mets

    Charlie Hustle,Shoeless Joseph,Gil Hodges,Andre Dawson and Fred McGriff.

    and i linked on my blog, here.

  10. Night Owl from Upstate New York. Longtime reader, longtime follower, longtime commenter.

    Dodgers #1! Wooooo!

    Joe Jackson, Gil Hodges, Maury Wills, Andre Dawson.


  11. Hi, my name is David, but most folks just call me Tribecards. I'm from Pittsburgh, but I currently reside in a bitty town in LA called Prescott. Oh, that's LA as in Lower Arkansas. I collect (and my favorite team is the) Cleveland Indians. I've followed your blog for a bit now!

    My five picks are:
    Robbie Alomar, Ellis Burks, Mike Jackson, Dave Burba, and Barry Larkin.

    I posted a link to the contest:

  12. Hi, my name is AdamE from WP, MO. Red Sox is my team. I have followed you since post #1.

    Here is the list:

    Pete Rose - Obviously

    Buck O'Neil - It is a absolute shame!!!! Almost as bad as Rose's exemption.

    Joe Jackson - He is already shoeless he shouldn't be Hallles also. (can a word really have 3 ls in a row???)

    Lee Smith - Because closers count too.

    Ron Santos - It has been long enough.

    Notice I didn't list any 1st ballot guys. I want to put Burks for sentimental reasons, but I can't relistically say he deserves it.

    I posted your contest here

  13. Brian from Dallas. Rangers fan first and foremost. I'll go with Pete Rose Gil Hodges Will Clark Charlie Hough and Joe Jackson.

  14. I'm Nathaniel Edwards,from Greenville, SC, and I follow the Braves.

    I would vote Bert Blyleven, Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe (from Greenville) and Roberto Alomar.

  15. I've mentioned the contest on my admittedly new blog:

  16. Name: Tim
    Favorite Team: Red Sox
    Location: Bloomington, IN (formerly Oberlin, OH, born and raised Shrewsbury, MA)

    1. Since my favorite player of all time is Fred McGriff, he definitely gets my vote. I wish I could vote for him five times, but I know I sadly cannot.
    2. Barry Larkin deserves it and is so underrated that he's almost overrated from everyone hyping him up.
    3. Bert Blyleven. Deserves it.
    4. Shoeless Joe. YESSS FINALLY HE GETS IN (through your website!)
    5. Mike Jackson. Not nearly as worthy as anyone else on the HOF eligible list. But in the year Jacko died, I really want to make sure his namesake has a chance at the Hall, even if I'm the only vote for the semi decent relief pitcher.

    Hope that's okay, definitely my five picks. I'm glad someone is doing a Hall of Fame thing too...that's basically the heart of my entire blog (, so I'll give you a mention there too!

    Best of luck!

    Great Sports Name Hall of Fame

  17. Dayf Braves Jaawja

    Buck O'Neil, Minnie Minoso, Bert Blyleven, Dale Murphy, Fred McGriff

    You suck for limiting it to five so I couldn't vote for Santo

    I post your suck here:

    Pretty sure I was following before, now I'm following agin

  18. Machinist
    Fav team- The Raiders (I know-they suck)

    I need to dispute your claim that only 2 people read your blog. I read your blog FOR the long stories and could care less about baseball cards (no offense people). Congrats on your 100th post. So now we have established that 3 people read your blog.
    I am not going to vote since I dont know. Therefore I declare myself disqualified from the contest. I dont need a prize, just the mental picture of you setting some poor guys truck on fire is enough to keep me coming back for more...Thanks-keep up the good work!

  19. I'm Dan AKA Packaddict. I'm from Portland, Oregon. My favorite team is the Rox. My 5 picks would be Shoeless Joe, Pete Rose, Barry Larkin, Andre Dawson and Bert Blyleven. I'm now a follower and posted a link on my blog! Thanks!

  20. Kerry, Portland OR, Cardinals

    My votes are for Bert Blyleven, Buck O'Neil, Andre Dawson, Lee Smith and Edgar Martinez (Best DH of all-time, incidentally. I hate the DH, but if they're going to allow it to be a part of the game then they ought to recognize the best of them.)

  21. Oops...
    Great Orioles Auto Project
    Baltimore, MD
    Robby Alomar, Barry Larkin, Fred McGriff, Bert Blyleven, Tim Raines

  22. Hi! I'm Jack (aka Baseball Dad) from O-H-I-O.Huge Cleveland Indian fan (although I'm pretty small !) I'm now following and have a post for your contest here: . My choices are Roberto Alomar, Barry Larkin, Robin Ventura, Edgar Martinez, Fred McGriff. I'll check out your previous posts and watch for new. Thanks.

  23. Name: Sarah
    Location: USA--> South Carolina
    Team: Atlanta Braves
    Choices: Fred Mcgriff, Andres Galarraga, Dale Murphy, Joe Jackson and Buck O'Neil

  24. Name: Drew
    Location: NY
    Team: Yankees
    My Picks: Bert Blyleven, Tim Raines, Fred McGriff, Roberto Alomar, and Barry Larkin.

    Thanks for the contest!

  25. Hey I just posted a link on my blog for the contest! Thanks, and here it is:

  26. Name: Fuji
    Location: San Jose, CA
    Team(s): A's & Padres

    1st Pick: Andre Dawson (8x All-Star, NL MVP, NL ROY, 8 Gold Gloves, Top 50 All-Time in Games, Hits, Doubles, Home Runs, RBI's, IBB, & Sacrifice Flies)

    2nd Pick: Barry Larkin (12x All-Star, NL MVP, 3 Gold Gloves, 9 Silver Sluggers Awards)

    3rd Pick: Lee Smith (7x All-Star, 3 Rolaids Relief Awards, 4x Saves Leader, 3rd All-Time in Saves)

    4th Pick: Fred McGriff (5x All-Star, AS MVP, 3 Silver Sluggers Awards, Top 50 All-Time in Total Bases, Home Runs (493 HR's), RBI's, Walks, & IBB's)

    5th Pick: Roberto Alomar (12x All-Star... 12 years in a row, AS MVP, 10 Gold Gloves, 4 Silver Sluggers Awards, lifetime .300 batting average, Top 50 All-Time in Doubles, Stolen Bases, & Sacrifice Flies)

  27. Name: Eric
    Location: Allentown, PA
    Team: Phillies

    1. Fred McGriff - gotta give the crime dog some love on this one. the guy was a monster. look at the people he was traded for over his career... wow. roberto alamar and joe carter?! if just goes to show you how much he was really valued

    2. Barry Larkin - one of the best shortstops of the 90s, hands down.

    3. Pete Rose - one of the best players ive had the priv of seeing play. honestly i feel he gets a bad wrap with all of this and really deserves the chance to be in the hall.

    4. Roberto Alomar - his numbers speak for themself. when he was in the leage, he pounded out hit after whit while still maintaining an amazing fielding percentage.

    5. Andy Ashby - i know, what a homer i must be. then again... watching him pitch was poetry in motion.

    posted on my blog about this contest. too!

  28. Here we go for the class of 2010

    Bert Blyleven
    Tim "Rock" Raines
    Alan Trammell
    Barry Larkin
    Pete Rose

    Tram for the hall! Shockingly low support for him, especially with Barry Larkin getting so much buzz recently.

    I also posted about this excellent contest on my blog:

  29. Name: Steve
    Team: White Sox
    Location: Oak Lawn, IL

    Harold Baines
    Bert Blyleven
    Minnie Minoso
    Joe Jackson
    Tim Raines

    Why any of these players aren't already in the Hall of Fame is a mystery.

  30. I've also joined the club and linked to this crazy thing now.

  31. jim (gcrl)
    st paul, minnesota

    the fab five: bert blyleven, gil hodges, andre dawson, tim raines, and pete rose

  32. Hey, Troll, great idea. Always nice to come back to a contest!

    Ron Santo, Jim Kaat, Pete Rose, Andre Dawson, Bowie Kuhn

  33. Name: Jason
    Team: Chicago Cubs
    Location: McHenry, IL

    I think I used up my luck with your last contest, but it's always fun to play.

    1. Pete Rose
    2. Joe Jackson
    3. Ron Santo
    4. Tim Raines
    5. Bert Blyleven

    My apologies to Alomar and Larkin. It's tough with only 5 votes. Thanks for the contest!

  34. Thanks for the great contest. I have linked the details on my blog here:

    I am following from Peoria Illinois and my favorite team is the Cubs.

    HOF Votes: Joe Jackson, Pete Rose, Ron Santo, Roberto Alomar, Fred McGriff.

  35. Thanks for the contest!
    Name: Justin
    Team: Cubs!
    Location: Mundelein, IL

    I will go with the following:
    1. Ron Santo
    2. Andre Dawson
    3. Barry Larkin (since he recieved no love from TheJaw)
    4. Roberto Alomar (same reason)
    5. Joe Jackson

    once again, thanks for the contest!

  36. Zach, from Kansas, and unfortunately a sad Royals fan.

    I vote for Bert Blyleven, Pete Rose, Lee Smith, and Robbie Alomar. I don't have to pick five, do I?

  37. Alfredo, From West Palm Beach,FL Marlins fan All the way......
    1.Pete Rose.... the man is baseball
    2.Andre Dawson... He's Cuban plus a ball player
    3.Roberto Alomar... One of the best at 2nd
    4.Will Clark.... What a hitter!!
    5.Andres Galarraga AKA THe Big Cat.... Enough said
    Check out my blog...My Past Time……. I Love It!!

  38. Crap in a hat, looks like I closed it before I entered. *sigh* Let's try again. :/

    I'm C from the IL
    Go, Cubs, Go!
    Once again, I am following you with my blogger profile.

    My Votes:
    Andre Dawson
    Roberto Alomar
    Ron Santo
    Tim Raines
    Joe Jackson (Partially on account of an old-timey Shoeless Joe sign in a taco joint scared my brother when he was little. :P)

    Oh, and here be some linkage for ya:

  39. Wow, my Word Verification was "haphapin". Awesome-tastic. :)

  40. Oh yes, I follow - and I vote...just in time assuming EST!
    1. Barry Larkin (duh)
    2. Pete Rose (the player only)
    3. Shoeless Joe (because we've opened that can of worms now haven't we?)
    4. Lee Smith
    5. Ron Santo

  41. My name is Anthony. From Texas, an Astros fan born and raised.

    My 5 votes are:

    1. Roberto Alomar-- The man spit on an ump. He SPIT on an ump. Nothing like some early 20th century baseball tactics to earn this man's vote.
    2. Andre Dawson-- The Hawk. Only one other man shared that name and he was a wrestler. Nuff said.
    3. Shane Reynolds-- Total homer pick, but he was a great pitcher for the Astros.
    4. Pete Rose-- Someone's gotta be able to give us gambling tips in the hall. Plus, he's aged worse than fine leather, the man needs something good in his life.
    5. Tim Raines-- Rock Raines. Probably the best base stealer this side of First Person Henderson. Yep, even better than Vince Coleman.

    That's my 5.

  42. I thinkst we're late but that's ok, our voice shall be heard. Andre Dawson, Barry Larkin, Tim Raines, Bert Blyleven, Fred McGriff

  43. Name: Dennis
    Location: Toronto
    Team: Blue Jays

    My Votes:
    1) Roberto Alomar
    2) Fred McGriff
    3) Bert Blyleven
    4) Tim Raines
    5) Barry Larkin