Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Presidents Out, Dontrelle In!

So Ted Kennedy has passed away. I was looking for a card of him to post up as a tribute, much like dayf had done earlier (I steal all of my ideas from him!), but I couldn’t find a card or even a picture. What I did find was a whole bunch of random cards of politicians amidst my doubles and trade bait cards. I really don’t like the politician card thing. I didn’t like when Topps put George Bush in the stands at Yankee Stadium and I hate pulling cards of Presidents or hopefuls or First Ladies or First Dogs or whatever. Is Topps the only company that does this? Anyway, it’s high time these Washingtonians disappear from my box o cards. I am sure that someone needs these to finish up a set. Please give these cardboard presidents a good home! I have, from the 2008 Topps First Couple series, card FC-10 of the Tylers and FC-30 of the Roosevelt’s. From the ’08 Topps Campaign 2008: CO8-BR Bill Richardson, CO8-FT Fred Thompson and CO8-RP Ron Paul. From the 2008 Goudey I have card no. 247 of Rutherford B. Hayes. Also, from the 2007 Topps Distinguished Service I have President Harry Truman, card #DS9. There are a few non-presidents that are in that set, too, if anyone wants them. They are DS10, 17, 27 and 30. I would prefer to send them all out in one great big politician package, but if you need just one, let me know. You can e-mail me through bacontowne at yahooooo dot com.
Okay, well, assuming that I will find a home for those guys, I am offering a home for someone else. I guess you could say “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”, but it’s more like “if you can’t trade him, collect him!” I have been trying to pawn my Dontrelle Willis Allen & Ginter relic off to someone for a while now with no takers. I’ve decided that I feel bad for the guy. I’ve never offered a card up and not got at least one e-mail of interest. I am going to make a bold statement, but I don’t think its too far off-Dontrelle is officially the most unwanted player to be pulled in 2009 packs! Am I wrong? If no one else wants Dontrelle, well I give up. I do. I am officially declaring myself a Dontrelle Willis player collector! I don’t care that he’s 1-6 over the past two years in Detroit. I don’t care that his anxiety disorder may not allow him to pitch again. I don’t care that his cards are worthless. I want them! I am officially opening up a privately funded shelter for cards of the D-Train. Send me your tired, your unwanted, your whatever Dontrelle cards. It wasn’t too long ago that this guy was awesome. Does anyone remember him hitting 3 freaking triples in 2007 with the Fish? That was great! So was winning 22 games for them in 2005. He won the Rookie of the Year Award and a World Series Ring in 2003. He deserves to have someone collect his cards. If Andy Ashby can get a vote for the Hall of Fame, I can collect a washed up pitcher from Detroit! I will actually be adding a total of five non-Rays players to my player collector list. Dontrelle will be first, his team mate and former Rays hurler Edwin Jackson will be 2nd. Another former Ray and all around awesome athlete and current Reds outfielder Jonny Gomes will be the third. The last two slots are open and I am open for suggestion. Some of the considered nominees are Ryan Zimmerman, Brian Roberts, Rick Porcello, Justin Upton and Brandon Inge. I'm pretty sure of them are already heavily pursued around here. I don't want any more cyber fist fights over cards! Happy Wednesday everyone! Go Rays! RIP Teddy K! If you haven't voted for the Hall of Fame contest, PLEASE do so soon. troll out.


  1. Dude i'll take all your D-train cards.... That my boy! He's who i collect!!

  2. As a matter of fact i will be putting together all the rays cards i have for all you D-trains and Mannywoods!! Sounds like a deal?? This blog world is only big enough for one D-train collecter "wink wink".....