Friday, August 28, 2009

Dontrelle, It Was a Good Day...

I am now a former collector of Tigers inactive pitcher Dontrelle Willis. It was a good run for me and the D-Train… I decided to collect him after a horrible rain soaked night at work on Tuesday night. On Wednesday afternoon (in the midst of a horrible day) I sorted through all of cards and dug out 3 Willis cards. While on my tour of the card shops of the West Coast of Florida (in search of Kershaw auto or a black bordered mini of that guy with the beard) I picked up a pretty sweet Fleer mini of D-Money in a Marlins uni. I carefully put all 5 of the cards in my collection into penny sleeves and top-loaders and made it official by throwing up a post saying that Willis would be part of my player collection. I did some research on him and on anxiety disorders. I learned that his mother, like me, was a welder and I found some video of his days of dominance with the Fish. Then, later on in that miserable night (full story to come) I got a comment from Wicked Ortega that he was the official super collector of young Mr. Willis and that the blog-o-sphere wasn’t big enough for two of us. I was put off a little bit at first, but after I read some of the old posts on his blog I realized that he was a serious Dontrelle Willis fan. He had followed the guy through thick and thin, his collection was over 400 cards already and he planned to have 3000 cards in his collection by the end of the year. This dude seriously had me beat commitment wise. I had planned to have a jersey card of him as a Marlin and a Tiger and get an autograph. I have decided to concede my entire 5 card collection of Mr. Willis to Mr. Wicked Ortega and officially withdraw my claim to any Willis cards at present or in the future. I would like to thank my wife, Esther Gin N Juice for her support through this day of player collecting and most of all I would like to thank all of you in the blog-o-sphere who graciously offered me your D-Train cards. I will however have to decline those offers as I am officially no longer a collector of Dontrelle Willis cards. Mr. Ortega, please send me your address and these 5 beauties are all yours! Best of luck in your collecting and best of luck to you Dontrelle Willis, I am still in your corner!!! Readers of this blog: This will be the final appearance for any and all of these fine cardboard examples of this fine young pitcher. Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. Any luck with the black bordered beard guy?

  2. "This will be the final appearance for any and all of these fine cardboard examples of this fine young pitcher. "

    I'm confused, I thought this post was about Dontrelle Willis.

  3. I am assuming your speaking of the adjectives I used in descriotion...According to Websters Dictionary, fine has many definitions. Among them are "very thin or slender" and "accomplished". I think both of those define Dontrelle pretty well. If you were referring to young, well, he is a lot younger than me!
    To answer Mr. Beardy-No luck with anything! Card shops around here blow-there will be a full story on that soon...