Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rock The Vote!

Well, I have had a pretty busy day, I've got a ton on my mind-expect a veeerrryyy long non-baseball related post tomorrow. School has started and this is my first moment in front of the computer all day and I won't have time for a real post because I have to be in work in twenty minutes. I went through and updated my needs list for 2009 Heritage and I am not nearly as close as I thought. Please check out my want lists pages and help a brother out!
I finally had something in my mailbox today-21 cards closer to my 1978 Topps set, thank you Christian in Phoenix! Please, please vote for the Hall of Fame contest. Bert Blyleven is running away with the lead, but the other 4 slots are pretty close. There are 3 days left to vote, please vote. You can do so on this post or this one-
If you haven't linked the contest yet, you still can and it will still give you a bonus entry. I still can't believe how the Rays blew the game last night in Toronto-a walk-off wild pitch, REALLY?
Go Rays! troll out.