Monday, August 24, 2009

The Ultimate Compliment

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am a total homer for the Tampa Bay Rays. I love the team, I’ve been attending about 50 games a year since ’98 and win or lose, I always find a positive about the game. I have got a few e-mails this year (since I have started this blog) from members of the Rays organization, a few people have told me that players read it in the clubhouse sometimes (probably to make fun of me) and that is really cool. Today I got a note in the mail from former Devil Rays third basemen and current Manager of the Princeton Rays, Jared Sandberg. Their PR contact told me that Jared read the blog, but I was really surprised to get this note from Mr. Sandberg himself. If you can't read his handwriting, it says "Marck-Thanks for your support! Keep cheering as loud as you can, the Rays need help drowning out the Red Sox Nation and crazy Yankee fans!" Thanks Jared, I will keep on cheering. Go Rays! Troll out!


  1. That's awesome! I always liked to think the Braves read my blog. That's why they traded for LaRoche.

    But who's kidding who... congrats man!

  2. AWESOME! hahaha I'm glad they read you, it must be really cool to think that maybe Zobrist and Crawford and all them have seen your stuff.

  3. Outstanding! I've always wondered if anyone in the White Sox clubhouse reads me. I have no indication that they do, but no indication that they don't either.

    Keep up the great work! This news definitely has to be a boost!

  4. That's great. That must feel nice that the team you support recognizes you.

  5. I agree with JD's Daddy - more cowbell!

    That is AWESOME! I like to think that an Indian or two has accidentally read my blog while Googling themselves... :-)

  6. That is very cool! Congrats!

    Does that count toward your signed Rays collection?