Monday, August 29, 2011

Ripping Again, Gint-A-Cuffs Pack Number Ten

The Gint-A-Cuffs Commissioner has encouraged me to keep posting, so I can’t stop now! With his blessing/command/demand/encouragement/ threats I will continue on and post pack number 10.

I have 69 points thus far, which I feel is respectable. I have been trying to post these in the order in which they came out of the box and when you rip a whole bunch, you generally start slow, but I think it will get better. I mean BJ Upton can’t be the only Rays player in an entire box and I am pretty sure that Brian Roberts is in the set somewhere…

Anyway, onward to pack #10 in my Gint-A-Cuffs adventure!
Here is what I got:

The first card out is card #126 of Brave pitcher Jair Jurrjens. I say his name out loud every time I pull a card of his. Say it with me, Jair Jurrjens. It’s fun…

Plus Jurrjens is having a fantastic season - his 2.71 leads all starters on a very good Atlanta pitching staff.

Next up is yet another cool looking horizontal card, #150 of Rockies All Star, Gold Glove, Silver Slugging shortstop Troy Tulowitzki.

The same Troy Tulowitzki from the fabled Favorite Player list! This horizontal card nabs me 2 points!

Shifting back to the standard vertical orientation we have card #170 Timmy Lincecum.

I didn’t even check the Fave Player list because I know that no one would select a member of the Giants for that distinction.

Staying west of the Mississippi we have card #185 of D-Backs right fielder Justin Upton, BJ’s little bro… The younger Upton is having a heckuva good season so far - he has already established new career highs in runs scored and doubles and will probably do the same with homers and RBIs by the time the season is over.

No points, but I will never complain about pulling an Upton…

Heading back East for a moment we have card #110 of Rays pitcher Jake McGee.

Yep, I said Rays – my FAVORITE team!!! Add 1 point to that total! I saw McGee pitch for the Port Charlotte Stone Crabs in a game in 2009 and was left unimpressed, but he made it to the big leagues that same year. He has split time in the bullpen in 2011 between the Bulls and the Rays. I am pretty sure this is my first card of his. Awesome!

Speaking of awesome, the next card out of the pack is card #310 of the Bison, Matt Kemp.

Being a short print gives me plus 2, plus another extra 2 points for being on the favorite players list. 2 fave players in 1 pack, sweet! Kemp is blowing up this year and has a shot at the Triple Crown… He leads the NL with 31 homers, is second in RBI with 100 and is 4th in batting, plus he joined the 30-30 club and is having another Gold Glove type season.

If the season ended today, Kemp would get my vote for NL MVP. For now I am thrilled with the 4 points that I get for this card! Oh, and by the way, once I complete my Gint-A-Cuffs posts you can look forward to Matt Kemp being a CT Card of the Day because he meets two requirements - he has a cool nickname and he is the pride of Midwest City, Oklahoma...

I have 2 cards left, one small and one standard.

We will start with the standard sized card, #HH48 of Rays All Star third baseman Evan Longoria. By his standards Longo is having an off year, but I still thank my lucky stars that the Rays picked third in 2006 and we didn't end up with Luke Hochevar or Greg Reynolds...

Chalk up 2 more points for this one!

2 Rays in one pack and a whole bunch of scoring…
The final card in the pack is a mini, card #293 of 2 non sports, completely insignificant people. It was a great pack up to this point. Oh well. I still get 9 points for this pack. It brings my total up to 78. Not bad. Stay tuned, I will try and obey the Commissioner and continue to post… Gint-A-Cuffs rocks! Go Rays! Troll out.

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