Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Historic, First Ever, CT Gint-A-Cuffs Post, I Am In!

So I suppose now is as good a time as any to start posting my box for this year’s Gint-A-Cuffs… I bought and ripped this thing a while back. It actually seems like a lifetime ago that I ripped these. My wife and I made a date of it and we each ripped 12 packs and kinda went head-to-head. I think I won, but wait, that isn’t really possible, is it? Anyway I have the rules printed out along with the favorite player’s list, so I am ready to post! Here is pack #1 and #2. These were my rips. I am pretty sure these are steps 1 and 2 towards my Gint-A-Cuffs championship. Here we go!
Pack numero uno… The pack states that I was supposed to get 8 cards. I didn’t. This is what I did get…
#188 Geovany Soto. Meh.
#217 Shaun Marcum. Meh, meh.
#265 Buster Posey. I THOUGHT he might be on someone’s fav player list. He aint.
#1 Carlos Gonzalez. This dude has a monster year last year… AND card #1 is out of the way…
#148 Sanya Richards. No extra points for pulling super fast Jamaican ladies…
#136. Dick Vitale… Its awesome baby, I am getting a point!!!
My last card is #SPU8 of the Strongman. Good for 3 points.
Okay, one pack in and I got 4 points. That’s good right….
On to pack #2.
Here we go!
We start off with #91 of Joel Pineiro.
#116 of Josh Beckett. 2 people have Jon Lester as their fav player, yet no one likes Josh Beckett. Go figure.
#32 Dirk Hayhurst. I really feel like I should lose a LOT of points for pulling this card.
This pack ends with just 3 base cards, here is what else I got…
Ascent of Man, #AOM 26. I really like this set. If you finish it you must put it in binder pages, it makes a really cool picture. This card on the other hand is supposed to show the epitome of human evolution, a dude peeing in the street. Still I get +3 for it…
Hometown Heroes, #HH60 of A-Rod. Stoopid A-Rod. Get a point for HH, lose a point for stoopid A-Rod. And by the way, I am a Floridian and he aint a home town hero down here...
Next, a hit?
Card #AGR-FC – A bat relic of Yankees 12th string catcher Francisco Cervelli. 10 points for a relic, divide by two cuz he is a stoopid Yankee. GRR.
And the last card is a base mine, #179 of the Flyin’ Hawaiian Shane Victorino. No points.
Okay, got 4 points on my first pack, 8 on my second. The championship is mine!!! Two packs in and I sit at 12 points. There are 22 more packs to come. Stay tuned. Oh, by the way, EVERYTHING is up for trade.
Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. Ever find a taker for the DeWitt black? Oh, and I STILL have not gotten my hands on a Chuck Woolery A&G base, so if you pull one...

  2. Justin, Stay tuned, there might be a Chuck Woolery card in the near future... I had one offer for the Blake DeWitt - a really GOOD offer, but now the dude won't return my emails, so it might end up being yours anyway... Cheers! troll