Monday, May 25, 2009

Why I Should Always Carry A Camera

Well, the Rays are back to looking up at .500. David Price’s first start of the season was lackluster. He didn’t pitch awful. He gave up just 2 runs and struck out 6 batters, not too shabby; but he also walked 5 and reached his 100 ball pitch count and had to be lifted after just 3-1/3 innings. He left with a lead, though. The Rays reserves, getting the chance to start (with Aki and Bartlett sidelined with injuries) provided the offense. Brignac, Gross and Zobrist combined for 6 RBIs. Too bad the bullpen combined to give up 9 runs in the final 2 innings. Not good…
On a lighter note, Ms. Troll and I were out for a drive and while stopped at a light we saw a bizarre license plate frame on a beige Ford Taurus station wagon. This will lead the list on why you should always carry a camera, I had forgotten mine. The wagon had 4 passengers in it. Two adult women, with large and extravagant hair dos were sitting in the front, frequently turning around to chastise the two young boys sitting in the back seat. There was a pair of aviator sunglasses, a (no longer glowing) glow stick and a pine tree air freshener hanging from the rear view. I was so enamored with the car, its passengers and its license plate frame, that I nearly rear-ended it. Its lack of brake lights may have aided in this, just a bit.
The license plate frame that surrounded the Florida tag read “$D NASTY-PUSSY BANDIT”. Happy Memorial Day to all!

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