Friday, August 13, 2010

Where Everyone Should Be Tonight!

Greetings Trollers and Baconettes! Esther Gin n Juice here, filling in for your beloved Troll/Bacon (who fell victim to the clock and had to rush out to work). Normally I wouldn't do this because my writing kinda sucks, but you better sit down because this news is MUY IMPORTANTE!

Our fabulous record label, Bacon Towne Records, has done it again! Our 8th, yes 8th record is being released tonight and YOU ARE INVITED TO CELEBRATE WITH US!

Who is the band, you ask? Well, it's only the most righteous band in the Tampa Bay area, Murder Suicide Pact! If you have ever been to Sound Idea records before they succumbed to the economy then you have met the lead singer, Bob Suren (who also runs Burrito Records and If you have seen MSP then you know how much they rip, and if you have plans tonight-be it your grandmother's birthday party or some other excuse-drop it and come out to Pegasus Lounge! Shoot, bring your grandmother, she will LOVE them!

Even if you haven't seen them or heard them before, they are so worth checking out. The entire band exudes energy that wakes the dead, and if you are close enough you may just get picked up by Bob and placed in a new spot. Shyaw!

Joe Kiser's riffs will stay in your head for weeks--finally, you can say goodbye to that Phil Collins song that is the bane of your existence!

As you can see here, audience participation is always welcome. This is where dreams come true, people!

Oh, did I mention your Collective Troll did all the photography for this post? Yeah, he's pretty talented, and I'm not just saying that because I am bound by contract!

Ok, drifted off a little there, sorry. Anyway, the show starts at around 9pm tonight, there will be 5 bands and MSP is thinking they will be up around midnight. We will be showing up around 11, and would absolutely love to hang out with you--so get your butt out there!

The address is:
Pegasus Lounge
10008 N 30th St
Tampa, FL 33612

Ok, that's it for me, thank you for listening to my psychobabble. I promise to return your Troll in the same condition he was in when I took him-clean, pleasantly scented and gassed up. I am looking forward to meeting your grandmother. See you in the pit!

Go Rays! Go Bombers!! Go MSP!!! Esther Out.


  1. My head is just spinning. There are FAR too many separate paragraphs going on here. This is way too easy to read :)

  2. You should consider doing PR work!

    I think I wish I was in Florida. I could go for some loud + thrashy music after the work week that I've had...