Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Paul Blair!!! And a little Contest For the Marks! ... Now Updated...

(this post is now updated...)
I have had this 8X10 of Paul Blair for a LONG time. I got it at a show in Milford, Connecticut back in the 80's. I didn't know too much about him then, but Blair was super nice and he let me try on one of his rings which was bigger than my hand... I have been waiting for the proper time to post this and what better time than his birthday? Right? Happy Birthday to a man who patrolled centerfield like no other and has enough rings to cover every finger on his gold glove hand!

Now the contest... If your name is Mark or you have a friend named Mark that might like this, comment. If there is more than 1 comment, I will randomize...

(Now the update... The prize (sadly) is NOT bacon. The prize is this Paul Blair autographed 8X10! A great outfielder, a good hitter and baserunner and a CHAMPION! But not a good listener when an 8 year old says "My name is Marck, that is spelled M-A-R-C-K". The reason I don't want this anymore isn't the mispelling as much as the photo. I am a big Paul Blair fan. One of the Best Orioles EVER! If he was in orange I would never part with this. Alas, I already have an autographed 8X10 of Dave Winfield and Daryl Strawberry on my wall, both in Yankees unis... That is bad enough, I can't add to that problem. Anyway, win this photo with a comment saying you want it. Its that easy! Thanks to Cynical Buddha for encouraging this update!)

On a Mark note. Last night I stopped at 7-11 in the early morning after work. I greeted the man behind the counter and he was super friendly and his name tag said he was Mark. He asked if I know who he was and I said sorry, no idea. Turns out he sits behind me in my African American studies class and we have had 2 other classes together and we are both Mar(c)k G's... I swear I had never seen him before in my life, but he knew a lot about me. We chatted for a while and he told me he had a nickname for me, Muttonchop Marck. Sure, why not...

Good luck Marks and happy b-day to an Orioles (and yankees) GREAT! troll out.


  1. My name is Mark. I only use four letters to spell it. I'd like to join your contest.

    Thank you. And pay attention in class.

  2. Sorry, dude, sweet picture, great story. I only know 2 Mar(c)ks. My co-worker and good friend, who is, without a doubt, a HUGE Red Sox fan, and hence, would burn that photo on sight. And the other is a right happenen, really cool hipster, owner of the best pair of muttonchops since the King, and already owns a copy of this picture, that apparently he is giving away on this very blog!!!

  3. Hell I'm a Mark. But I'm a Mark E. What's the contest again? Is there a prize? Is it bacon? hmmmmm bacon.

  4. Mark E. There is a contest and you are in it if you want in... The prize is the Paul Blair autographed photo, I should have mentioned that...

  5. Wait? That is the prize? Hmmm. Why would I want an autographed photo of a Yankee that either:
    a) can't spell
    b) can't hear


    Keep me in for the time being.

  6. Okay... Don't think this was a great prize afterall... The first person to comment saying "Please send me that Paul Blair in a Yankees uniform autograph that is personalized to someone named Mark" will get it sent to them...

  7. Please send me that Paul Blair in a Yankees uniform autograph that is personalized to someone named Mark.

    -Mark Mosley