Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Should Click on my Blog Just (in) to See My Awesome Header Picture...

Even when I don't have time to post I still try and change up the picture on my header and update my wantlists and blogroll. There are 318 blogs on my blogroll right now. Some of them haven't been updated in a long, long time, but I keep them there in the event that they are updated cuz I wouldn't want to miss that. Occassions like that do occur... After a long absence one of my favorite blogs ever, Dinged Corners, returned this weekend. Thanks to blogroll magic I was on it!!! If you are a card blogger and are not on my roll, please send me an email with a link to your blog and I will correct the problem.

As for my wantlists, I also try and keep them up-to-date, especially the 2010 Topps AND 1965 Topps lists... With regards to 2010 Topps, my trade with RGB Cards is pretty much finalized, SO that means that I will have a list of dupes that I have to trade as well.

As for the blog header... I really like changing that up. If there is a card up there, I do NOT put a card header up if I don't own the card, so sometimes I use the header to show off a new card that I don't have time to post. Basically it is generally a showcase of my favorite horizontal cards... Occasionally awesome bloggers or readers make me custom cards. Mark from Mark's Ephemera is famous for doing this AND I have a couple customs from him that will become headers soon. The current header didn't come from Mark, but it is an AMAZINGLY SWEET CUSTOM from a very cool blogger and I am really loving it right now, hence this post to encourage the blog-o-sphere to check it out... To give credit where credit is due, the Jonny Gomes Sombrero Custom came courtesy of Justin from the Justin's World card blog. Jonny Gomes isn't the only custom he has made lately... Check out his blog for some more sweet 2011 customs!
While your there (in Justin's World) be sure to vote on his All-Time-Best polls... There are already quite a few votes and things look decent in terms of who is getting recognized as the best, but Carl Yastrzemski has more votes as best catcher of All Time than he has as an outfielder... Weird. Anyway, a huge thank you to Justin for hooking up the sweet J. Gomes sombrero custom! As an open letter to anyone: I love getting custom cards, but I really LOVE it when somberos are involved... Thanks again Justin! Oh, by the way, Fred Lewis isn't directly involved with this post (well, maybe its a good segue to my 2010 Topps needs list), Justin is a Cubs fan, not a Jays fan and I really don't care for Mr. Lewis, but there is something about this card that I love. Probably the retro Jays uni... Thanks for reading! Go Vintage! troll out.