Monday, June 13, 2011

Does Anybody Else Use eBay For Stuff Other Than Cards???

I am sure at some point here I have mentioned my occupation. I am a machinist. I am also a college student and hopefully someday (in a decade or two) will become an engineer, but I am actually quite proud of my trade and wouldn’t mind being a machinist for the rest of my life.
It carries over to this hobby a little bit, too. Just as I collect baseball cards, I also collect tools. Of course I use the tools, but I am addicted to buying tools and I love the cool vintage, Made in the USA stuff. I spend a lot of time and money searching for tools on eBay. Cards, too...

Anyway, just like you keep your cards in a binder, tools are kept in a box. In my profession, the best binder (box) you can get is a Kennedy. I have owned several Kennedy boxes over the years, but when times have gotten tough I have had to part with them. I generally get them back. They hold their value well, they are a great investment and I have been lucky to always sell them for more than I have paid and been able to quickly replace them. Lately, they have been more difficult to find. It has been a few years since I have had a Kennedy rolling cabinet. I do have a Kennedy box, an 8-drawer journeyman cabinet, but I have it on a shipping cart. I REALLY want/need a rolling tool chest.

The big difference between hunting eBay for cards and for a tool box is that the box weighs a couple hundred pounds and need to be shipped by truck IF the seller will ship. Most require local pick up only. I check Craig’s List and eBay daily looking for a local Kennedy rolling cabinet and have had no luck. When I have, they always sell before I can call, or I don’t have the $$$ or something.

There is a point to this story, believe it or not. I have found a rolling cabinet. It is local and it is awesome. It has 16 hours to go and is at $450. That may sound like a ton of money, but for this type of cabinet, it is a great deal. In this condition they can go for $1,000.

I want this box bad! Imagine the feeling that you get when there is an hour left on an auction for an autographed 1/1 of your favorite player and it only has 1 bid and sits at $5.00. You know you want it, you know you can afford 5 bucks, but you have no idea how high that 1 single bid is. It can drive you crazy!!!

If you want to see what an awesome machinist’s tool box is, here is the link. I actually stole a pic to add to this post… Since my at-work injury I have fallen down the Totem Pole at work. It would feel really good to show up at work with this thing… Plus I actually have many tools that I don’t bring to work cuz I don’t have a place to put them. Yeah, I want this box bad!!! Wish me luck…

I listed some items (tools, not cards) tonight to raise some extra funds. You can check them out here.

Damn, I want this tool box!!! This area is one hour away and I now have a car and can easily take a quick road trip…

Need to go to sleep, but I can’t stop thinking about this damn toolbox! Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. GOOD LUCK!!!! that is an impressive tool box!!!

  2. Good luck.

    I once bought a 100 year old map of the county where all my family lived. It showed some of the old family property and was (and is) still a nice thing to have. Unfortunately, my family doesn't still own any of the land.

  3. I can tell you from experience that many engineers would like to be machinists, so you're taking a route many of us wish we had. Good luck getting the box, that thing is a beauty.

  4. So, is the new vehicle of the Jeep family?

  5. Adam,
    Yes! Jeep Grand Cherokee... I will post about it someday.

  6. Used Ebay for lots of stuff other than cards. Just gotta be careful. Hope this works out well for you.