Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Wicked Card of the Day, Manu-Patches and Hall of Famers For the PC!

Wicked Week is totally in full swing on the My Past Time I Love It! Blog. He is giving away primo stuff on a daily basis, so if you aren’t going there and entering his contests you are missing out… Speaking of missing out, I have been living on the outskirts of the blog-o-sphere. I have been lucky enough to have amazing family and friends staying with us for the past week. They went home this morning. It was a tough goodbye, but it will give me a chance to get caught up on my posting. I haven’t acknowledged Matt Garza’s no-hitter yet, but that is coming don’t you worry! Not only will I acknowledge it and share my thoughts and my pride, but I will put together all of the unposted Garza gems that Wicked has shared with me. Anyway, I am starting slowly, but will get back on track. I will also be hitting the post office today. Okay, so I only have a few minutes of time today, so I am going to limit this post to just one single card. Fortunately it’s a pretty unique and interesting one… It is a modern card, coming from 2004 Sweet Spot Classic, but features my favorite vintage subject. This card actually made me flash back to this 1956 Topps card. You can read the original post about it right here. Anyway, moving on with the Wicked Card of the Day it is a 2004 Sweet spot Classic Patch card of Cleveland Indians outfielder Larry Doby. Doby was an All Star in 7 straight seasons for Cleveland. He went to 2 World Series with them and won 2 homerun titles before being traded to the Chicago White Sox prior to the 1956 season. The timing of the trade confused the folks at Topps back in 1956. Actually that card freaked me out as a kid. It lists him as a White Sox, but shows him in Cleveland gear. 55 years ago it is excusable. Anyway, in 2004 Upper Deck reversed the mistake. On the card Doby is listed as a member of the Cleveland Indians. It makes sense; he spent the bulk of his career with him and is one of their best players of all time. The odd thing about Sweet Spot is that they list Larry Doby as an Indian, but the Manu-patch on the card is a Sox logo. I have a scab on my head from scratching it wondering what the hell Richard P. McWilliam was thinking of when he gave this card his seal of approval. It is sooo ridiculous that I love it! Kind of like my pastime. Anyway, since I have never ripped a pack of Sweet Spot before I don’t know if this type thing happens often. Has anyone else seen a Manu-patch gone this wrong before? Thanks to Wicked for the card and thanks to all for reading. Larry Doby forever! Final exams tomorrow. Wish me luck. More to come in this Wicked Wicked Week. Oh, don't forget about the amazing giveaways you can find here! Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. I think Richard was rubber-stamping stuff to make a buck, but hey, it's a Doby you didn't have!