Saturday, July 31, 2010

Computer Crashed and I Need a Few Addresses...

I have a fancy address/blogger database on my home computer which took a dive this past week. I found a few of your addresses in emails and somehow I have a few memorized, but there are a couple I need again. Dark Ship Todd, Thoughts and Sox, Dan's Other World, Omega, Opoohwan, Democratic Duane, Paper Chase and Peterson are all addresses I can't locate. Sorry I am a mess... If you can email me with them I will get them all out on Monday. Sorry for the delays... Some of you will be thrilled with what was pulled. Some of you, well, that is the luck of the draw... As far as the person who had the Rockies-I feel like I owe you. You paid full price for the slot and I opened very little post-1993 wax and therefore you ended with few cards. I already added a bonus to the Marlins. Okay, that is all. My car broke down last week one town away, gotta try and get it home. Perhaps there will be more Wicked good stuff coming... Also, I have heard from the Twins and Tigers fans that they have recieved their cards, please let me know when you get yours. Go Rays! Troll out.

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