Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stale Gum Trade, Part 1 of 3,679

Trading With Chris at Stale Gum
Last week I fired off an e-mail to Chris at, I had printed out his want lists and found a few things he needed. Since it’s a task to get another regular old blogger person to reply to me, I figured I wouldn’t hear from a well-known You Tube celebrity and old school blogger with a dot com address for a while. He replied the same day and he said he would get together a stack of Rays cards for me. I sent his cards and two days later, I had a package from Chris. Not only did he sent me a yellow name SP from the 2007 Heritage set, he helped out with 5 of the 2008 Topps Heritage high numbers I needed. List is here if you can help.
On top of that, he sent two huge stacks of Tampa Bay Rays cards. There are tons and they are all high quality, wow-inducing cards. There is so much here, I am gonna have to do this post in multiple parts.
Part 1-Mini Madness!
Up until 6 weeks ago, I had never owned a single piece of an Allen & Ginter product, then Duane at Democratic Roadkill sent me a bunch, then some other people sent me more, but all of them were full-sized cards. Outside of blog scans, I had never seen an A&G mini. Now, thanks to Chris, I own some.
First is a 2008 Carl Crawford mini. Someone (who requested anonymity) had sent me the CC jersey card from ’08 A&G, it’s like a mini, but it’s in a frame. This mini is unabashedly mini.
For good measure, he sent me Craw’s ’07 mini, too. Sweet! The sweetest mini is a BJ Upton from 2007. Great batting pose portrait and writing on the back so small I can’t begin to read it. Oh yeah, and it’s a black border card!!! I don’t collect A&G, as I’ve said a thousand times in this post, but from reading everybody else’s blogs, I know black border equals AWESOME!!!
The final mini is a ’09 Upper Deck Goudey of Scott Kazmir. I truly despise the portraits on the ‘09s for Goudey this year. Everyone looks like the ghost of a pre-teen girl, but in slightly smaller form, it looks cool!
This is just the tip of the baseball card iceberg; I will post the rest of the cards he sent in about 5 parts. Thanks again Chris! If you don’t already, everyone should visit right now and watch his awesome pack breaks.
Go Rays!!! Seven in a row baby!!! Troll out.

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  1. I like some Goudey cards better than others. Or rather some look a lot better than others.

    I haven't ever owned a Allen & Ginter product either (I'm poor and new to hobby) but I really like the look of them.