Saturday, July 25, 2009

The (Magnificent) Seven Most Wanted!

Anyone who reads this blog knows that my collecting tendencies fall into two different categories. I am trying to finish a bunch of Topps Heritage sets, AND I love the Tampa Bay Rays. Every now and then those worlds collide and I find a card that I need that is both a Rays card and a Heritage card. That means that I want (NEED) that card twice as bad. There are 7 cards that fall into that category right now; they comprise the Collective Troll Seven Most Wanted Cards!
1. 2007 Topps Heritage Carl Crawford SP # 103 (I’ve been hunting for this one for 3, count ‘em 3 years and it continues to elude me.
2. 2008 Topps Heritage Scott Kazmir SP # 434 (Big deal he gave up a second inning grand slam and was on the losing end of a perfect game, he’s still our Ace)
3. 2008 Topps Heritage Update Gabe Gross SP #702 (Our starting right fielder doesn’t have a ton of cards, he finally gets one in the Heritage set and its an SP)
4. 2009 Topps Heritage Jason Bartlett SP #431 (I am still trying to call myself a Jason Bartlett Super collector, plus I am trying to finish this set, I need this one!)
5. 2008 Topps Heritage Update Evan Longoria #650 (It’s not even an SP, but it’s Longo, I haven’t pulled one and nobody is offering this one)
6. 2009 Topps Heritage Rays Coaches SP #462 (I was really excited that the Rays coaching staff had a floating head card, now I want one!)
7. 2008 Topps Heritage Update Ben Zobrist #577 (Again, this isn’t an SP either, but Zobrist cards are at a premium, too, plus he looks pretty goofy in all of the other cards I’ve seen, I could use a few of this one)
Well, that is it, the 7 most wanted cards in Troll Towne, and there is a reward for the safe capture of these pups. Get in touch if you can help. It's bacontowne at yahoooo dot something or other...Go Rays! Troll out.
END NOTES: Unless otherwise noted, any card I show on this blog is in my collection and is available for trade. I borrowed these 7 images from ebay and other sources.


  1. I have the Kazmir and the Crawford for you. Now, what are you willing to pay for it?!!?!?!! A King's ransom? Or a Saint's?

    I'll send them off, and we'll discuss details later.

  2. I have the Longoria. I can send it off. It'll take me quite awhile, though, as there are a whole bunch of people in line in front of you.

  3. and I have the Zobrist for you.... I'll send it off in a bit, I've got others to send first.

    a Chipper auto will do in trade;)