Monday, October 25, 2010

LAME ALERT! - The Absolute Worst Looking Card in My Personal Collection

The problem with being a player collector is that if a card company makes it and puts your favorite players name on it - you HAVE to have it.

I collect Carl Crawford cards and I will chase any card that has his picture on it. Now I have a card that doesn't even have that. I bought this from an auction site. There was no photo available, BUT it was only 99 cents and low shipping, so I rolled the dice. This is what I ended up with. I have no one to blame but myself...

The card was released by Tri Star in 2008 as part of their Signa Cuts series. The card has a nice blue border surrounding an open white space in the center of the center. On the top of the border it says "Carl Crawford Autograph - 3X League Leader - Steals". Below that is a huge open white space and below on the border is a serial number (095/115) and the product name. The white open space is similar to an index card and on this index card is a sticker auto of my favorite player. If you look closely you can a little bit of red and black lint stuck underneath the sticker auto. Classy. Nowhere on the card do you find a photo or rendering of the subject.
No stats, no team name and NOTHING on the back of the card. Straight up lame. I had always liked Tri Star's minor league products, but this...I STILL love this hobby. Go RA(Y)ngers! troll out.


  1. I'm with you. I've seen this one before and it's always struck me as weird. NO PHOTO! Who knows what they were thinking?

  2. Aside from the no photograph thing, I find it extremely lame that they would put a sticker auto on a blank white area and try and pass it off as a "Signa-Cut". I have one Tristar Signa-Cut of Ed Kranepool where they basically took a card that Ed autographed, cut it up and embedded it into another card. I thought that was lame, but this is crazy. I guess the good news is I only paid a couple of bucks and now I have an Ed Kranepool auto. You paid $0.99 and now have a Carl Crawford auto.

  3. It's like a train wreck. You can't help but to look. Ironically, that's why it's a nice card to have in a collection too.

  4. Hey buddy... you stole my post! I just picked up a Steve Sax autograph from the same product over at COMC... to say exactly the same thing.

    I always felt that cut autographs from index cards (or other baseball cards) are completely ridiculous... however this totally takes the cake. The fact that they couldn't even get the athlete to sign the index card... and instead put a sticker auto on top of a blank index card definitely makes this product FAIL of the year.

    I love some of TriStar's products... Hidden Treasures helmets, Obak, and a couple of others... but I couldn't agree with you more... Signa Cuts is LAME!

  5. I have a Dwight Gooden from the same series. Like you said, you gotta add it to the collection even if it's lame looking. It is still an auto though so it has a little cool factor.

  6. Fuji,
    I would still do the post... Tristar needs to know that we collectors will speak up when we see crap...