Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Troll's Got Nothing...

I finally opened my computer with just 10 minutes before time to go to work... That means no real post although I have plenty of stuff coming soon. I have had a packed mailbox of late which is AWESOME! Thanks to everyone who is hooking me up. I finally created a wantlist for 2010 Allen and Ginter. My project was to complete the set without buying a single pack. Through the generosity of my fellow bloggers I think I can do this. I need just one short print to finish it off 300-350 - if I get around to getting pages, I will have myself quite a few completed ones... The offending card is #345 by the way... I was attempting to complete the 100 card subset from 2010 Upper Deck - the portraits cards. I got a few of those in the mail this week which I will likely post. I don't know how far I will take this one. I have 30 out of 100 and am probably gonna give up. Is anyone out there working on these? Or want to trade for a starter lot? There are some BAD looking cards, but some really nice looking ones too. I am showing the CK and JV cards cuz I think they look pretty good. I might show some of the bad ones tomorrow... I did manage a Nitty Gritty post, please check that out... Bring on the Series! Go Ra(y)ngers! troll out.


  1. Hey Troll, I got ~209 Base, 1 SP 2010 A&G from your want list and 13 This Day in History... Drop me an email.

  2. Don't give up, man! The card shop here has the Markakis portrait card, if you need that one.