Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010 Topps-Give and Take

I am REALLY getting antsy to finish off 2010 Topps Series One. I am SOOOO close I can feel it. A ton of bloggers have helped me on this mission, but most recently it was the Play at the Plate dude who hooked me up with Turkey Reds by the pound. Most recently he sent this awesome Turkey Red Johnny Bench which is NOT for trade. It is locked away in the binder and my binder is now up-to-date and so are my lists. I discovered that there were a few cards that I thought I had covered, but still need. It is all straightened out now. It was a very productive sleepless night, it was.
Anyway, I was being greedy and hanging onto extra cards of favorite players and I was thinking of chasing Topps Town Gold, but now I just want to finish the base set, Cards Your Mom Threw Out, Turkey Red, Legendary Lineage and Peak Performances. I have about 80 base card dupes and some inserts. Here are some scans of dupes that could be yours. Just check out the want list!!! It is coincidentally the trade list, too. Yep, two lists in one! I am chasing the Rays team set in GOLD. I don't have a list for that yet. I know I have Jeff Niemann covered... By the way, that is a gold Pat Neshek card and yes I am willing to trade it to finish up Your Mama or Turkey Red. I lucked out and got dupes of both Neshek and Niemann. I am still hunting for Price, Davis, Zobrist and a few other GOLD Rays, but right now I just really wanna finish off the insert sets before Series 2 comes out. I also really want the Rays mascot card from Opening Day. Raymond rules! Anyway, check em out and get in touch if you can help or if you need anything. I will be in Port Charlotte blogging LIVE inning by inning for TB Rays News dot com. Check it out!!! Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. If no one else claims the gold cards, my son would like them. I can always find some more inserts you need.