Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Sleepless Night and 3 From 3 For My PC!

Greetings Trollites! Your friend the Troll is in a state of delirium brought on by a lack of sleep. I got off work this morning at 2:00AM. I had a paper due for my 8:00AM class that I hadn’t even started, so after chatting with the wife for a few minutes I sat down at the computer to START my paper. This was close to 4:00AM. Anyway, I worked pretty hard on the paper, but I took periodic breaks to post on the Nitty Gritty and Leading Off and catch up reading some of the other blogs. Next thing I knew I was totally sucked into Dayf's House of Philatelic Kickassery. Yep, Dayf is awesome. They don’t call him the King of the Card Bloggers for nothing. He is a fearless leader that I don’t mind following (and I do!-Cardjunk is the first blog I ever followed) and the awesome direction that his blog headed in through the wee hours of the morning had me mesmerized. It reminded me that I too had planned on doing something extra special for today. You see I started this blog in early May of 2009 and started reading blogs the second week of April. People were still commenting and talking about April Fool’s Day. It seemed like a pretty amazing event.
I wanted to join in the fun, but I had 50 weeks to wait. I probably should have had the post perfected long in advance, but I am the King of Procrastination and that goes against my one rule. Anyway, the House of Philatelic Kickassery had me laughing all morning-I even woke my wife up to show her. The other true highlight of my sleepless night was this AMAZING post on Cards on Cards. After waking my wifey, I read this out loud to my wife and had her laughing pretty hard even if she has no idea who Carlos Zambrano is. I did manage to finish my paper right around 7:00AM and it was pretty damn good. I actually made it to class on time for a change, got the paper turned in on time and had a really great class. After that I had to get some blood work done, go to a doctor’s appointment and help my Dad with something. Oh, I also stopped at the Post Office and I can finally hold the Al Kaline card in my hands. I get to enjoy it this weekend before it gets shipped off to its new owner. Anyway... Long story short, I am rushing off to work feeling delusional. Back to this morning, 5 AMish-in between reading and writing I pushed out a quick and silly post of my own that you may or may not have read. Well, it was an April Fools post, but I can’t say I was pleased with it and it certainly didn’t take care of my Fool Itch. I guess, much like the Chicago Cubs, I will have to wait till next year. So there is another 9 hours left in the day. I have another 16 hours to spend at work and I am totally delirious from sleep deprivation. I seriously cannot see straight nor can I think straight. I am wiped out. Drained beyond belief, but I can’t sleep at work, so if I have to keep my eyes open, I might as well be typing. I don’t know what I have saved on my flash drive, but I will do my best to patch together a couple of semi-coherent posts. They will be real posts. As real as I can muster. They won’t be fake though. Since I am here anyway, here is a serious addition to my Jared Sandberg player collection. I am bringing back feature that I have tried once or twice in the past, The Collective Troll’s 3 From 3 for my PC. In this post I showed off my newly acquired Trifecta-a Sandberg certified auto and a bat and jersey relic. The bat relic came from My Past Time…I Love It! he also sent along this little gem. A 2003 UD Sweet Spot base card, #117 of Sandberg. The back of the card cites Sandberg hitting 18 homers in only 358 at-bats in 2002. Of course he sent a TON of other great stuff too that I NEED to get posted including a record 11 different autographed cards. The next card in this 3 from 3 came from the aforementioned genius, Dayf-formerly the Cardboard Junkie, presently the proprietor of Dayf’s House of Philatelic Kickassery. A few months ago Dayf sent me a huge box full of Rays cards from the past 12 years amongst other goodies. I still have yet to get around to scanning the cards and I am about 3 months behind in trade posts, but I did pull out this sweet Sandberg card for this 3 From 3 post. It is from the 2003 Upper Deck Vintage set, card #63. 2003 UDV is one of my favorite sets from the 2000s because it is styled after one of my favorite sets of the 1960s. Just another reason why cards are better than stamps… The 3rd card in this special 3 from 3 came from my favorite Texan, Brian from Play at the Plate. He sent a super amazing package full of 2010 Topps inserts that totally shrank my wantlist, but he had some bonus cards too including some great Rays singles. He even managed to dig up this 2001 Fleer Premium Sandberg card. It is #230 in the set and it is serial numbered 0400/1999. Thanks to all 3 of these amazing friends and super amazing bloggers for these 3 fresh and new Jared Sandberg cards for my personal collection plus everything else that each of them sent. Between the 3 I have about 1,000 unposted cards-no joke. The random Roberto Clemente cards peppered throughout this post all also came from my buddy Wicked Ortega... Thanks for reading! If I can keep my eyes open long enough there will be a full blown mega trade post coming later tonight. Stay tuned! I will also be posting more cards on the Nitty Gritty and Leading Off as well. Thanks guys! Remember that our card blog-o-sphere is a family and Upper Deck can't tear it apart! Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. That Sandberg looks better in your collection than mine! I'll be on the lookout for any others.