Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tim Beckham and the Port Charlotte Stone Crabs!

I am en route to Port Charlotte in a fancy borrowed car with AC and a sweet radio. I feel like a king. I will be posting a live recap of the game on TB Rays News. My first live play by play on a blog. Please check it out. The Crabs starting shortstop will be former #1 (overall) draft pick Tim Beckham. This will be the first time I have watched him this season. The dude has some serious tools and major potential. My collection of his cards is limited to just 2, but here they are... Please check out TB Rays News if you get the chance. If you stick around here you will find updated have/need lists. Lets trade, okay? Go Rays! Go Crabs! troll out.


  1. I have got a few Tim Beckham 2010 Topps Pro Debut cards that I would be willing to trade for some Red Sox prospect stuff if you've got any. My blog is and my email is . Hope that you enjoy the Stone Crabs game, I love minor league baseball.

  2. Its the third inning already in Port Charlotte... Check out live blogging from the press box behind home plate at

  3. I just checked the 2010 list, do you still need some 2009s?