Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rhubarb Running for Rays!

My Rays haves and have nots have inverted. I have a whole bunch and I have yet to find 14 of them. Ten of them I really need-more on that at the end… It was everybody’s favorite Twins fan the Rhubarb Runner who whittled down the list.
This 1999 Quinton McCracken is the last regular issue card I needed from ’99. I just needed this Jose Guillen to close out 2000 Topps, but I needed a few from the traded set. The Rays 7th rounder from ’99, Andrew Beinbrink, who would have been the first Italian born Devil Ray had he made it past the minors. The Rays #1 pick in 2000 made it to the majors, to the World Series and into early retirement. It’s card #T86 of (then 18 yr old) Rocco Baldeli. He hooked up the rest of the cards that I needed from the bronze-a-riffic 2002 Traded set which I didn’t scan. I did scan this 2003 Traded card of Jonny Gomes, the Rays 18th rounder in 2001. I really like 2003 Topps and with all of these cards I am done with the traded set, but still need two base cards. Thanks so much Rhubarb for tracking all of these down! I really appreciate it! Okay, those were the new additions to the haves, now for the have nots…
I do still need some 2005 Topps, but I am pretty sure I have those somewhere… I know I don’t have these, so that means I officially have it narrowed down to my Top Ten Most Wanted Topps Cards. From 1999 Topps Traded I need T19 Paul Hoover, T20 Ryan Rupe, T66 Josh Hamilton and T83 Jose Canseco.
I need just one more card to finish off 2000 Topps Traded, it is T106 Greg Vaughn. From 2001 Topps Traded I need 3 cards. I actually have 2 of them, but they are reserved for the PC, so I need number T172 Josh Hamilton, T192 Jared Sandberg and T253 Joe Kennedy. Lastly from 2003 Topps, which is incidentally my favorite Topps set of the 2000s, I need 36 Aubrey Huff and 541 Lee Stevens.
With as many Aubrey Huff cards as I have lying around, I really can’t believe I still need this, but I can’t find one. Okay, that’s it, thanks for looking… Be like Rhubarb and hook a Troll up! Coming soon are want lists for Upper Deck 1998 - 2010, then Topps Chrome, Topps Gold and Fleer Tradition... My want lists are on the side bar. Many need some serious updating, but can point you in the right direction. By the by... big congrats to Chris Tillman and Norfolk on hitting the Gwinett Braves last night! Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. Rays cards (like Twins cards) in the St. Louis area are just chaff, so picking them up at the local card shop is a no-brainer. Glad I could help you out!