Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1993 Stadium Club-Rippin' Pack #5!

I decided to switch back to Stadium Club for a few before I tear into the Pinnacle Series Two. Here is what we got:
#697 Benji Gil Texas Rangers
#735 Mitch Webster LA Dodgers
#631 Greg Gagne KC Royals
#717 Paul O’Neill New York Yankees
#610 Charlie Hough Florida Marlins (There’s something I really like about age defying knuckleballers… Hough had just reached his 200th victory in ’92 right before he came to Florida as their Inaugural Ace and topped 200 innings at 45 years of age. The back shows his rookie from 1972 Topps-the earliest rookie card of any player in the set so far…)
#666 Harold Baines Baltimore Orioles (is that card # why the HOF voters won’t give Baines any love?
#605 Carlos Quintana Boston Red Sox
#729 Jose Lind Kansas City Royals
#604 Bryan Harvey Florida Marlins
#749 Joe Carter MEMBERS CHOICE Toronto Blue Jays
#700 Andy Ashby Colorado Rockies
#683 Jim Converse RC Seattle Mariners
#685 Greg Gohr RC Detroit Tigers
I think this is the first pack with no Braves or Rockies in it, perhaps we are beginning to find some team variety… Stay tuned, many more packs to rip…troll out.


  1. Nice call on showing the B-Side of the Hough card - I would be shocked to see a 72 on the flipside of one of those.

    Trying to think of somebody else from that set that may go back that far - Nolan Ryan might be in there. Maybe Eddie Murray for hitters.

  2. i love old hough.... i would love his rookie card too! i just might have to buy that one...

  3. Hough was a great Ranger...I got to see him pitch a few times.