Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pack #11 of 1994 Pinnacle Series 2 or The First Ever Post on My Brand New Laptop, Done at Work!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay here we go…. I am at work, outside in the parking lot typing away on my brand new laptop. This is its maiden voyage and I am terrified… I am going to jump right in on the pack rip though… we are up to pack #11 of 1994 Pinnacle Series 2. Before I continue, a few of you emailed me this week wondering what the hell was going on my blog. Where are the long stories, where are the Rays? To make a long story short, I decided to do an 84-pack group break without a video camera and I am posting the results pack by pack… The original post that sort of explains all of the craziness is here. Standard posting will resume as soon as I am done with ripping all 84 packs… I am about a third of the way there, so I am going to get to it… Here we go!
#480 Greg Hibbard Seattle Mariners (Hibbard won 15 games for the Cubbies in ’93, but only won one more game in his career…)
#317 Tom Gordon KC Royals (Flash was a starter in ’94 and he won 11 games for KC that year. Gordon is still active and if he finds a team, 2010 will be his 22nd season in the majors. Over that time he has had 2 at bats and is hitless over his long career… He did win a ring with the Phillies in 2008-his first)
#487 Matt Walbeck Minnesota Twins (I guess the best way to describe Walbeck is unremarkable… ’94 was his first season with the Twins-he had a .284 slugging %)
#467Alex Cole Colorado Rockies (This dude could fly! I thought he was going to be a star… He stole 40bases in only 63 games for the Indians in 1990, but he never was able to do it over a full season. He spent one year in Colorado and swiped 30 bags for them in ’93)
#420 Corey Bailey Boston Red Sox
#333 David McCarty Minnesota Twins
#416 Alex Diaz Milwaukee Brewers (You gotta love the diving catch…)
#328 Craig Paquette Oakland A’s (Paquette had a little pop … he hit 22 homers for KC in ’96)
#438 Derek Lee San Diego (Lee turned down a scholarship at UNC when the Padres picked him in the first round in ’94)
#298 Matt Williams San Francisco Giants (The Carson Crusher led the NL in homers in ’94 when he hit a career best 43… He is 62nd All Time with 378 homers… He didn’t win the WS with the Giants, but finally earned his ring in Arizona in 2001)
#540 Darren Dreifort LA Dodgers (If ya can’t say anything nice then…this space will be left blank…)
#511 Mark Eichorn Baltimore Orioles (Coming into ’94 Eichorn had a career 2.99 ERA in 496 games)
#428 Ozzie Guillen Chicago White Sox (Have the Sox replaced Ozzie at short yet?)
#285 Mike Greenwell Boston Red Sox (I can remember watching Greenwell at Pawtucket in the 80’s-he was one of my favorites…)
Okay, got through it. This is the first post I have got paid to write. I typed between security walkarounds and this post ended up taking about 5 hours to write, but I have to say it is pretty freaking awesome to be able to post while at work! I would start another one, but I don’t have anymore scans saved on this computer. Welcome to a new age of the Collective Troll ladies and gentlemen, I like it!!!!


  1. a 5'2" security guard. will wonders ever cease?


  2. That's cool that you got a laptop. That Alex Diaz card is cool too.

  3. I've posted at work just a couple of times. Mostly because I don't have the ability to post images when I'm at work, and that bums me out.

  4. Captain-According to my math 5'2" plus .38 is just big enough...

    Jeremy, thanks!

    Night owl-I scan at My Folks house, save to a flash drive and plug it in...

  5. Congrats on getting the laptop....I got something good for Christmas too, but it's not laptop!