Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1994 Pinnacle Series 2 Baseball, the FIRST Pack is Ripped!!!

Well, we have three different boxes in this group break and it is now time that we tear into the box of 1994 Pinnacle Series 2 and start ripping up these 14-card-foil-packs. The bad thing is a lot of these cards are stuck together and it takes a while to carefully open a pack. The good thing is the photography is amazing, the color and composition is great and the Museum Collection parallels were what made me love Pinnacle brands. Let’s go with the first pack!
#492 Spike Owen Cal Angels (one of my favs as a kid playing for his 3rd team in 3 years. By ’94 Owen was a part time player, mostly at 3rd base, but he played at all 4 infield positions for the Angels)
#310 Larry Walker Montreal Expos (Walker stole 29 bases in ’93)
#324 Billy Ashley LA Dodgers (had a career high 9 homers in ’96-had more Hot Prospect cards than career homers)
#303 Danny Darwin Boston Red Sox (DD won 15 games for the Sox in ’93)
#528 Tony Longmire Phil Phillies
#384 Fred McGriff Atlanta Braves (showing off his golden glove)
#506 Mark Portugal San Francisco Giants (was 18-4/2.77 ERA for Astros in ’93, he won Silver Slugger Award in ’94 batting .354 with a .500 SLG%)
#449 Pat Listach Milwaukee Brewers (extreme close-up of a man and his toothpick)
#461 Mike Stanton Atlanta Braves (saved 27 games for the ’93 Braves)
#346 Dante Bichette Colorado Rockies (this guy did it all back then, great photo)
#382 Kirk Rueter Montreal Expos
#411 Julian Tavarez Cleveland Indians (his 828 career games is 7th among active pitchers-this guy scared the stuff out of me in postgame interviews!)
#390 Alex Arias Florida Marlins (was still with the Fish as a utility infielder when they won it all in 1997)
#439 Tom Pagnozzi St Louis Cardinals MUSEUM COLLECTION! (so stoked we got one of these in the very first pack I ripped. Odds are 1:4. Scans don’t do these justice, they are really neat! I remember paying 25 bucks for a Griffey JR Museum Collection card back in ’95-I never did finish the set… This card is courtesy of Pinnacle’s patented Dufex Technology.
The other hot parallels in this set are the Artists Proofs. They don’t look near as cool and the odds are 1:26-in other words, we will PROBABLY get one… So what does everyone think of the ’94 Pinnacle? 1994 was the year that I re-discovered card collecting, fell in love with the sport and the hobby, then suffered through the strike, and then tried my luck at playing the game myself. Glad that card collecting was still there when I woke up from that fantasy… I will post up as many packs as I can before work. This process may take me a while. Keep on checking back. I love this hobby, troll out!


  1. Now I see where the Cardinals have been hiding.

    I hope you're getting some sleep at some point!

  2. Hey Madding, finally, and it was a Museum Collection to boot.

    Yea, Troll, get some rest!