Monday, December 21, 2009

Pack One-Rip Results

The first pack has been ripped. The wrapper is on the ground and I am getting pretty amped!!! Here are the results of pack number 1…
Card #655 Andre Dawson Boston Red Sox (This guy BELONGS in Cooperstown!)
Card #740 Pat Mahomes Minnesota Twins
Card #745 Checklist (first person to claim it gets it)
Card #782 Kevin Stocker Philadelphia Phillies rookie card (RC of the Devil Rays original shortstop!)
Card #664 Doug Dascenzo Texas Rangers (the first player that I have never heard of)
Card #? Info Card (first one to claim it gets it) Card #612 Jody Reed LA Dodgers
Card #618 Gary Sheffield San Diego Padres
Card #603 Billy Ripken Texas Rangers (Billy is NOT holding a bat in the photo)
Card #736 Russ Springer California Angels (future Devil Ray)
Card #625 Tom Brunansky Milwaukee Brewers
Card #677 Spike Owen New York Yankees (I didn’t realize that Spike played for the Yanks)
Card #714 Brian Williams Houston Astros
Card #668 Harold Reynolds Baltimore Orioles Okay, that was pack #1. Fourteen cards, 12 different players. I went crazy with the scanning because this was the first one, most pack rips will only have 1 scan per pack. I really hope those info cards aren’t in every pack… Pack 2 should be up in about an hour…troll out for now…


  1. I remember watching Pat Mahomes pitch for the Portland Beavers and thinking he had tons of talent.

    That Andre Dawson card is pretty nice.

  2. Which year of Stadium Club is this? I just started on 1992 . . . agreed on the Hawk. He belongs on Cooperstown.

  3. That pack was like most I opened as a kid, not a single Cub! But the Dawson is nice and Doug Dascenzo was a Cub, too. If you want to learn more about Little Dougie, I wrote about him here.

  4. Hey Junkie,

    I would be interested in doing a trade for that Andre Dawson. Let me know what you are looking for or want.

    He does belong in the Hall and I think this is the year!

    You can find my email on my blog to let me know about a possible trade.


  5. Charley, Who are you calling Junkie???
    The Dawson card belongs to Adam E from the Thoughts and Sox blog. If you want to deal, you have to talk to him. I have two more boxes to rip so there will probably be a few more Dawson cards...
    Also, this is 1993 Topps Stadium Club Series 3

  6. I'm stoked 1st card pulled is mine. If I have he Dawson already I'll trade it to the guy. If not "Sorry Charley."

  7. Sorry Troll, I had you confused with a different blog. My bad.


  8. Just went through the old checklist and....

    Sorry Charley I didn't already have it. I can look through my doubles and see if I haveany more of him though. Emial me ajpca07 at hotmail dot com