Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 From 3-Rays Autograph Edition

As many of you know I am slowly tracking down every Rays autograph I can. I have a long way to go, but I love adding new ones... These are:
BJ Upton, from 2004 Topps Baseball. Upton is struggling, batting .218 with 39 Ks in 37 games, but that slump can't go on forever. He does have 4 homers and 10 steals as a brightspot. Thanks to D-Ron for this one! Next up is an awesome 2008 UD Ballpark of Elliot Johnson. EJ is still patiently waiting for his turn in the bigs. I have many really neat cards of EJ, plus he is a decent person and a good player. I really want to see him get the chance. This card came from Wicked Ortega and is a new fav of mine. The 3rd in this 3 from 3 is a 2007 SPx Rookie Sigs card of Juan Salas. At 31, I think Salas is retired. I haven't seen him on any rosters at least. Does anyone know if he is still pitching? This card came from Jacob Mrley. Thanks to all 3 of these great traders! My next post will be a Pack to be Named Later of these oversized cards... Check it out later... Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. Salas is not currently rostered in North American Pro Ball. I think he has a 2007 Fleer Ultra Rookie Auto, as well.

  2. Salas's autograph looks like A S S.

  3. That's funny Ryan!

    Troll, I have the EJ 2008 Stadium Club auto that is a play at the plate. Awesome!