Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Blogger Kindness, Amazing Generosity and Cardboard Rays of Sunshine!

The mission for the weekend was to sort cards and I have been doing it like crazy. I have scanned over 200 cards today so far. Many of them are for a Pack to be Named Later where I am keeping my pledge to post often, but some are trades that I do plan on posting before the World Series. I have posted a few cards from this super generous collector before, but here are a few more from Jacobmrley. He was one of the ultra super kind collectors who sent me tons of cards after I posted regarding the loss of some of my collection. His contribution was super cool because he also included a two-page letter explaining a similar ordeal that he had gone through personally. I think everybody has "bought a $2,000.00 roll of tape" at some point in their life, but his story really helped me get back on the horse. The stack of Rays he sent was extensive and uber-generous. Here are a few samples of his kindness which are currently being sorted into the appropriate binders on sorting day... I tried to limit the giant stack of cards into just the best, but there is still a lot here and I have already posted a bunch of stuff from him before. Are you ready? Here goes! The first cards I am going to show off are a trio of Rocco Baldelis. First up is a 2004 Fleer Ultra Performer, card #UP/RB with a white jersey swatch on it. Now that Rocco is somewhat retired, I am getting more into collecting his Rays cards. This one is serial numbered 062/500. The next Rocco is a 2004 Fleer Skybox Autographics. It isn't actually autographed, but does have a low serial number of 083/150. The final Rocco I am going to show off has the lowest serial number of the bunch. It is from 2008 Topps, the black parallel. This is my FIRST black parallel. I am a big fan of Topps flagship series, I love collecting the base, I chase the golds and I have always wanted a black. This is card #464 and is serial numbered 23/57. I have since got a few more black parallels and am on a mission to get EVERY Crawford and Bartlett out there. The next card comes from 1998 Upper Deck, it is card #6 of original Devil Rays infielder Bobby Smith. I initially scanned this card because it lists his name as Robert Smith, like the singer from the Cure. That made me chuckle. When I put this card on the scanner I noticed it was serial numbered, too. This card is a parallel of some sort and it is numbered 084/100. Back in the 90s they numbered cards to 10,000 so finding a card from '98 that is numbered to 100 is pretty awesome. From '98 up till '08 this next card is from 2008 Bowman of 6th round pick Shane Dyer. Dyer is playing for my favorite minor league team, the Port Charlotte Stone Crabs. He is 2-1 in 3 starts for the Crabs this season. Did I mention I love X Fractors? I love refractors, too. I imagine that I would really love superfractors, but probably not enough to drop 16K on one. The Dyer card is numbered 032/199. I think that every card Mr. Mrley sent me was serial numbered... I am realizing that I still have quite a few more cards I wanted to post from him, but its almost time to leave for work, so I will end this post with a pair of BJ Upton cards. I will save the Crawfords, Penas and Longorias for tomorrow. First up is a weird one from 2005 Donruss Playoff. It is weird because it isn't a normal card, I think it's a game piece of some sort, but it has a really low serial number on it and a classy looking design. The card is #PG-89 and the serial number on the front reads 33/45. Nice. The last Upton card and final card of this post is from 2005 Fleer Patchworks. I have quite a few of this card already, but none of mine are numbered. This one is. The back of the card mentions Upton's MLB debut against Boston on 8/2/2004. He was 1-3 with a walk and a run scored. Right below that is the number 91/99. SWEET! The only thing is I can't really tell the difference between this card and the non-numbered version. Okay, today's post ends here.After looking at all these great scans of tough pulls and serial numbered cards I can't believe that one person sent me all of this. If I got confused and mixed up stuff that someone else sent me, I am really sorry and PLEASE let me know. Otherwise, Jacobmrley, I owe you a HUGE DEBT OF GRATITUDE FOR YOUR KINDNESS!!! Thanks so much! Go Rays! troll out.


  1. you are very very welcome. (i do believe the baldelli jersey is from someone else, though.) i am glad these rays cards found a grateful happy home.

  2. EXTREMELY Grateful! Thanks so much!!! I was amazed at all that you sent. Thanks to whoever sent the Rocco jersey, too. More to come!