Friday, June 4, 2010

A Rainbow of Gomes and Some Crowning Moments...

Lately, well the past couple weeks, I have received a few boxes (not envelopes) but boxes from my awesome readers. This is picked from one of the 2 two-hundred card count boxes that reader Noah from New York sent my way. I didn't even realize that these rookie cup cards were available in different flavors. I have had the base for a while, but now I have 4 colors of the rainbow. I would assume that there are more and naturally greed has taken over and I want them all. For now I am pretty happy with these 4. Another big group of cards he sent were these 6 different 2005 Donruss Crowning Moment cards. I remember when you had to be a legitimate star to have Dick Perez immortalize you in a Diamond King painting. I love all these players, but some of them are far from being Diamond Kings, at least Joey Gaithright is... The illustrations are really nice though and I really like this set. None of these were painted by Dick Perez, but by artists like Ron Adair who did Brazelton and Baldelli and Ron Stark who did Scott Kazmir. Now I am curious if Carl Crawford or Jonny Gomes appear in this set. If they do, I need 'em! Thanks so much for the great stuff Noah! I look forward to posting up the other goodies. Oh, the Carl Crawford related contest WILL happen. I will list the rules of engagement and prizes this weekend. Oh, as an end note. A few readers, most recently Ted, have sent me cards toward the forgotten 2009 Topps Updates set. I went through the trouble of putting this one in a binder, now I need to finish it off. I am getting close and I posted a wantlist HERE. Thanks again! Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. I went looking for some Jays in the Rookie Cup series...and only found about 3 cards from the whole set. They make a nice rainbow.

  2. My friend, you are a lucky guy to be receiving boxes in the mail.

  3. There should be an orange and a blue Rookie Cup.