Monday, October 18, 2010

Hot Russian Chicks-A-Plenty! Here for the Taking...

I did some house cleaning this weekend. I promised my lovely wife that I would a couple thousand of cards from off the dining room table. Ya know, just in case we wanted to eat dinner or something silly like that... Anyway, while doing so I found some extra packs of cards that I had forgotten about. These packs need a destination immediately. First off to liquidate is 7 packs of Space Shots Series 3. These were made by Space Ventures/Space Shots. I had bought a box of this and distributed most of them in group break packages. I didn't rip any of these myself, BUT if you are curious what they contain, check out this awesome post from Play at the Plate. I recall that someone had commented on his post that they were a NASA guy and would have liked these. Ideally there is a NASA Dude who wants all 7 of these. Please claim them here and e-mail me with your mailing address. Compensation isn't necessary, BUT if you insist, my wantlists are up to date. Thanks for reading... Oh, coming soon on this blog: Trade posts a plenty, my bet with Play at the Plate on the ALDS, a look at the 1999 Draft, the ex-Rays who are still alive in the postseason AND most importantly - MY VOTE for the Baseball Bloggers Alliance's Goose Gossage Award. The 200+ members of the BBA will be naming the top relievers in each League. That post will be coming tomorrow. On that note, welcome to Mark's Ephemera who has just joined the BBA as a "friend blog". I would LOVE to see more baseball card bloggers who are also knowledgeable and passionate baseball fans join the BBA. Go Rangers! Beat Yankees! troll out.


  1. Thanks for the plug...

    It was SPANKEE who mentioned he liked the NASA stuff.

    Go Rangers!

  2. Yes, it was I. And as a matter of fact, I am posting this comment from a NASA computer right now. I would love those cards. I'll send you an email.