Friday, December 3, 2010

Rest in Peace Ron Santo

Known generally as the best third baseman NOT in the Hall of Fame. Ron Santo passed away today at the age of 70. I am not a Cubs fan, but I have always recognized Mr. Santo as a legendary player, a good broadcaster and a Chicago home town Hero and a class act. My wishes are with his family, friends and MANY fans. You will be missed Mr. Santo, thank you for the memories! troll out.


  1. My all-time favorite, as you probably know. Why'd you have to pick that picture?

  2. Hackenbush,
    I LOVE that picture, always have. I have a copy in my office. I have always wanted to post it on this blog. I wish it had been in different circumstances, but it is a great shot that sums that (and every) Cubs season well. I don't have any Santo cards in my collection and I don't like "borrowing" web images, so there you go...

  3. I've always like that photograph. Not your typical sports photo but one that definitely tells a story.