Thursday, December 9, 2010

Topps Update, I Got It! I Love It! - Mucho Pictures From My Cardboard Collection!

So a couple of weeks ago I bought a cool retail 4-pack of Topps Update. As usual it didn't arrive in Bradenton, Florida until months after most of you had already finished your sets. I was pretty happy with the 48 cards I pulled and ended up with 3 MCG codes and one of them actually unlocked a 1965 Topps card! I was pretty amazed as I had been on a long streak of unlocking 1987 Topps. Anyway, I flipped that '65 for one that I needed and I quickly typed out a VERY long wantlist for the set. Within minutes of posting the list I got a comment from Colbey Flywheels saying he could put a big dent in my wants list. Sweet. This weekend I bought 1 more pack (it was pretty awesome, more on that later) and got a used Ultra Pro binder with 50 pages CHEAP at my LCS. I put the 50 cards that I had in it, filling an average of 1 card per page. It looked pretty sad. Anyway, that all changed yesterday when I got a package from Colbey aka Mr. Flywheels from the Cardboard Collections blog. Colbey sent over no less than 146 different cards that I needed. I could not believe it. Thats practically half the set! I was floored with his generosity and pretty darn psyched too. 5 packs and one generous package and I am 70% of the way done with Updates. Sweet! I only have a few minutes before leaving for work, but I wanted to show off a few of my favorites. Oh and by the way, since I owe Colbey now and already owe some of you other Braves fans out there, I am going to post up some Braves cards from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s very soon. Stay tuned for that. Anyway, here are some of my favorites from 2010 Topps Updates. I will start with a trio of my favorite players. One current Ray (hopefully that title remains) and 2 Ex-Rays. A trio of guys who I watched in spring training, but then disappeared from my radar. Interesting to see where they ended up... Argenis Diaz shown at Pirate City in my hometown of Bradenton, Florida... A guy I had never heard of who has an awesome name to match his awesome stache... Anthonys Lama. Ha. A classic goofy delivery shot. Former Ray Mitch Talbot in his new role as starting pitcher in Cleveland... Heath Bell in front of some folks who just got married... Rays catcher John Jaso eating dirt. Mike Gonzalez looking like a bad ass on the mound. This obviously wasn't opening day when Mr. Gonzalez blew the save and the game for the O's. One of my favorite non-Rays, catcher Jason Kendall blocking the plate as only he can. I love the indifference on the bench behind him. J-Kendall sliding into home against Rob Johnson, JK looks safe and there is a slight bit more enthuisiasm behind him...There is a guy who hit 56 doubles in 2002 and 6 in 2010... Then there is Vlad Guerrero showing his speed and Mark DeRosa swinging like Mark Reynolds. And last, the starter for the American League All Stars and perhaps the last Ray Standing... Awesome. Thanks SO much Colbey!!! I can't believe this was our first deal. I will find you some Braves goodies very soon. In the mean time go check his blog, Cardboard Collections its cool even if he is a Braves/Panthers/Bobcats fan. Thats still okay... Speaking of okay, the goings on at the winter meetings are NOT okay. My team is being dismantled and I aint happy, but this is a happy post so I will refrain from that topic for now... Thanks again Colbey! Go Rays! troll out.

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