Thursday, October 15, 2009

2007 Topps Heritage Baseball-The Battle Continues...AKA Part 1 of Many, Trading With Joe!

*Warning-Short and uninspired post! I love this set, but writing about it at 8 AM isn't working for me, sorry!* I am going to take a break from 1978 Topps. A short break. I started this next set 29 years after the ‘78s hit the shelves and I’ve been battling with it ever since. In May of this year I finally typed up a want list and began to get it organized. This was a step in the right direction and an eye opener because I had thought I was much closer than I actually was. In May I didn’t have an online list, but I did have a list-something I could e-mail to other collectors. May was also the first month that I began blogging and coincidentally was the first month that I made a trade. During the month of May I needed 38 cards to finish the base set (1-492) of 2007 Topps Heritage. I needed about 6 cards each for the yellow team name and yellow name SP variations and I needed 4 cards to finish off the New Age Performers set. I made my first blogger trade with dayf, the Cardboard Junkie and you better believe that 2007 Heritage were involved. Since then, I have been able to slowly plug away at this set that won’t die and the list gets smaller, but still won’t go away. Last week I got a package from Joe in New York-actually I got a couple of packages from Joe. Enough amazing stuff to blog about for the rest of the year! He sent rookies, relics, autographs, Rays cards and Topps Heritage from all 3 years that I am collecting. This morning the focus is going to be on the 2007 Heritage and away we go…
New Age Performers is DONE!!! Card #NP7 of Anibal Sanchez was the last one I needed. Awesome! Now all of the mini insert subsets are done! The other thing that is done is the Yellow Name variations and the Yellow Team Name is nearly done. With Ryan Zimmerman, Joel Zumaya and Jeff Suppan in the binder-the only card I still need is card #76 of Cole Hammel with a yellow team name. The want list for the set is getting smaller and smaller. Five months ago it was 38 cards long, now I need 6 to close the book on this one. New additions include: Card #338 Todd Walker, 248 Adam Wainwright, 95 Bill Hall, 67 Melvin Mora and card #31 of Beltran Perez, who retired 18 of 19 batters in his first ever start. Thanks to Joe, the author of the Cobb and Holliday blog. You rock Joe!! It may take months, but I will post all of the great cards that you have sent me! Check out my want lists as they are all up to date and current. I think we’re gonna have a little party at Casa de Troll when this set is finally done. Everyone’s invited! So what do I still need? So glad you asked...Six cards: 131 Howie Kendrick, 159 Chris Ray SP 194 Derek Lowe SP 366 Chris Duncan SP 375 Michael Young SP 491 Ivan Rodriguez AS SP. All short prints of course. Bring em on, please! Go Angels! Go Dodgers! On my way to class, then Empty Bowls, then back here before work... Troll out.

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