Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bout Day in Tampa and some 1978 Topps...

Today is a bout day. Normally we skate on Sundays, but I prefer the Saturday bout. It gives me a chance to still relax a tiny bit on Sunday before I go into work. If any Tampa folks are reading this, the bout is at the USA Skateplex of Temple Terrace. The address is 5313 E. Busch Blvd in Tampa. There are 2 bouts-a championship bout between two Tampa League teams, the Black Widows versus the Switchblade Sisters and then after that the Cigar City Mafia will take on the Bradentucky Bombers in an exhibition bout. Tampa is a Nationally ranked team and is by far the best in the Sunshine State, so it is somewhat of a big deal that we get to skate against them, even if it is just an exhibition bout. I have a little bit of time to kill before we head up there, I am trying to scan cards to get ready to post more trades on Monday. Dan from Saints of the Cheap Seats sent me 120 different cards that I needed for my 1978 Topps set and almost all of them are worthy of a look. I have also been going through my ‘78s, I bought a new binder and new sleeves for them, if I am going to finish this baby, I want to save it in style. The old binder was an old office binder that my Mom brought home for me, the sleeves aren’t quite archival, but that doesn’t matter because I was 5 years old when I bought most of these and they went straight to my back pocket as soon as I plunked down the dime to get me a pack. I will probably post a story about the when/why/where and how I ended up finding these cards and finding them for 10 cents a pack. For now I am double checking my list (not this particular list-but I think I have all of the Dodgers covered!) choosing cards like this one that definitely need to be upgraded and pulling out the doubles. The binder was full, which is why I thought the set was closer to being done than it really was. Once I took out the 7 copies of Biff Pocoroba, the binder got a whole lot lighter. The Wife is busily getting her gear ready for the big bout tonight, but every now and then I have to call her over to look at picture, check out a sweet fro or just enjoy a classic name (and do they get more classic than Dick Pole?). I hope that they have a TV at the Skateplex, because even though I don’t care about the Rockies, Jason Hammel is on the mound tonight and I do care about him winning. I will leave you with this Warren Brusstar. Considering this was my first introduction into photography, I really can’t believe that I ever wanted a camera. You’ll have to insert your own comment on Warren, have fun…I do love this set and I am trying to decide whether or not to start a seperate 1978 Topps Blog or just post them here, whaddya think? I mentioned a trade with Saints of the Cheap Seats earlier, they are trying to host a super rad case break and there are still slots open-check it out! Go Bombers! Go Hammel! Troll out.


  1. make sure you check your mailboxxxxxx, :)

  2. I vote for a 1978 Topps blog.
    Rusty Kuntz and Dick Pole are the classics, though you have head to Nascar for the 3rd classic: Dick Trickle.

    Go Bombers!

  3. you can never have too much Biff Pocaroba