Monday, October 5, 2009

An Allen and Ginter Update...

So, I got a few more short prints in the mail on Saturday for the ever complicated 2009 Allen & Ginter set. I have declared this set complete many times so far, but I keep on discovering blank spots that I had overlooked before. The National Pride set is complete. The Highlights Sketch cards are done, pending the arrival of one card from The Hamiltonian. The Rays minis team set is nearly done, except for cards #325 Dioner Navarro and Pat Burrell (I don’t know what number that is). I had traded away a bunch of Hoax cards before I decided that I would try and finish it-the cards that I HAVE are: 6,9,16,17 and 19, so I would NEED any card other than those 5 cards listed. This isn’t high on my list of priorities, but it is a fun set. Now, back to the base set. I knew that I was missing card #2 of Zack Greinke and that is on its way from upstate New York, thanks to Joe. The other base card I need is card #222. According to my notes, that card was coming from my Buddy Wicked Ortega. I think I am due to get 2 short prints from him as well, but I am missing 3 SPs. They are cards numbered 312, 326 and 332. Wicked, please comment here on which cards are coming from you so I can track down the last one… I really thought this bad boy was done and over, but it keeps coming back to life. Last night I updated all of my wantlists (except the Ginter one) and things are rolling along in Topps Heritage land. Trade bait has been pretty successful and Joe from NY took a huge bite out of the Heritage lists. Thanks to all who have traded with me and helped me out on these set-building journeys. If anyone has cards 222, 312, 326 or 332, please get in touch! Go Rays (in 2010 of course!) I will be back to posting trades as soon as I get the stoopid car fixed, I really appreciate them all and I haven't forgotten about you guys. More player tributes in the form of cards to come as well. troll out.


  1. okay disregard my email about your base card needs....I don't have the ones you should also post that you only need HHB 5.... I have all the rest that you need and will be heading south!

  2. Okay, an update... I need just HHB5 to finish the hoaxes and I found cards 332 and 326, so I only need 222 and 312 to finish it.